This is what it says on the title - the place to discuss all the plausible histories of any character in Avdenture Time. Such as, how did Finn get to Boom-Boom Mountain? Why was Flame Princess locked up? How long has Simon been trying to kidnap princesses? Was Marceline a demon BEFORE she became a Vampire? And what's up with PB's age?

Was Lemongrab's past a tragic case of 'child neglect' on PB's part, or just him being a downright uncooperative jerk?

Does the Duke of Nuts REALLY have a 'pudding deficiency'?

Will we see Goliad and Stormo again?

Who turned Marceline into a Vampire?

How are Candy people born? How was PB born?

I'm going to make some contributions to this blog later, but for now, post what you think deserves discussion and I'll respond.