Behold: Character Development Charts!

I’ve even coloured them to symbolise the balances, the colours relate to what development areas they reach more into. The Primaries are Red, Blue and Green, which are explained below.

So let me talk through what these mean.

They represent the focus on:

Blue/History = History-based character development

Red/Personality = Non-historical characterisation 

Green/Link = The emotional connection between character and viewer

So where do these characters fit in?

Finn has the largest emotional connection to the fanbase. If he squeals, we squeal - if he screams, we hold our breaths. However Finn has limited historical development, and his personality development - while decent - isn’t always tangible.  So Finn fits into Lime Green.

Ice King has had plenty of both historical and personalitydevelopment. The fanbase doesn’t link to him that much, but we do much more than we used to - in fact I think I may have been a little bit too modest there with the Green considering it seems I’ve given him the same as I’ve given Jake and Bonnie, but we link to Ice King more. So due to his balanced history and personality characterisation, Ice King’s development is ranked Purple.

Marceline is almost purely historical, and has a very limited present-day personality development focus, however there are massive emotional links between her and the fanbase which nearly reach Finn’s level. Marceline is usually the link for the faction who find it more difficult to relate to Finn. Now, because Marceline’s development is so historical but also she has some major emotional links, Marceline’s development rank is Light Blue/Turquoise.

Bonnibel has received almost exclusively personality development, and has - in my analysis of her character - the deepest of this in the show. She has many, many personality layers. However, she has a CRITICALLY low amount of historical development, and that’s only from things said in passing like “my uncle gumbald did this” and “why do you think I got FP locked up” and “btw I sometimes go to orphanages and read to kids” and “btw sometimes i make an heir which will try to take over my kingdom”. PB also is not very relatable to most of the fandom, only a few geeks and logicheads (like myself though even that link ain’t strong), so the emotional link is slightly weak. PB is ranked Orange.

Jake is a massive personality too, and also has many layers to him. Jake’s personality development is often repetitive, however many times we get episodes where he just completely blows our minds with his behaviour, like “Crystals have Power” and “The New Frontier”. I think Jake is very interesting, he has some secret dark aspects too just like PB except maybe even more obvious. Of course, Jake has also had some historical development, more than PB and Finn for example, but it hasn’t been excessively significant. The emotional link between Jake and Viewer is medium to low, because nobody can relate to Jake at ALL, but he does make the fandom laugh their socks off, and he does sometimes actually PROJECT THE FANDOM’S THOUGHTS INTO THE SHOW.
So, Jake ranks a Yellow. 

Here is a blank template for anyone who wants to amend this:


Character development chart blank