Okay, I notice that there isn't usually much active discussion on the wiki. Sometimes there is, but other times there are hateblogs, and crack theory blogs, and spam blogs.

The aim of this blog is to provoke and engage in active discussion about each others' perspectives on the show by using a series of open questions. Hopefully these questions will get good answers.

I'm not going to post my opinions yet, but I want you to answer these questions as fully as possible:

1. Who is your favourite Adventure Time character? Explain why.

2. Who do you think is the most interesting Adventure Time character? (Note: Interest and likability are not the same things.)

3. What is your favourite episode and why?

4. What is your opinion on the progression of the show? Do you think the series is becoming progressively better? More emotional? Darker? Less fun? Worse? Explain why.

5. How long have you been a fan for? What's the difference between how you viewed the show when you first started watching and how you view it now?