When I first joined the AT wiki I made this forum post, but it's not getting any comments, so I'll post it again here for you:

It basically discusses PB's age, and the hints that she's been 18 for far longer than we know, and I think she might actually be ageless.

Read the forum post and report back here or respond there.

What is your opinion? How old IS she really? 18, 45 or 200? Perhaps even as old as Marceline?

And how old does this make Lemongrab? Is the argument that he's still basically a newborn, when people are saying that PB's actions towards him were disguisting, void?

Since this would be a pretty important part of the plot (and, well, of general shipping), I think it's worth analysing. Someone posted on Formspring that PB might be older than she seems as well.

Icanhascheezeburger 14:43, July 3, 2012 (UTC)