It has been confirmed by Adam, Andy and Jesse that "Wizards Only, Fools" will not be the end of season 5 - in fact, it was just mentioned that there will be an additional 25 episodes in "season 5".

The writers call this "Season 5.2". But what I find interesting is that one of the first episodes of "Season 5.2" was actually "The Suitor", but we haven't finished the original season 5, so does this mean that all this time we have been watching 5.2 episodes integrated into season 5?

And why is it called "season 5.2"? Is it because they couldn't get the finale sorted out in time? Apparently NOT, because the 45-minute film was only supposed to be a midseason finale! Season 5.2 would have happened anyway, apparently. 

So my theory is that this midseason thing (which has been pushed back)  and the FINAL season 5 episode (recently finished in production as the writers have now moved onto the REAL season 6)  will be CONNECTED somehow, which brings me onto the topic of Season 5 links - every episode of season 5, bar the ones written by guest boarders, has been linked to another episode somehow. Cameos from different characters, revisiting of different scenery, continuation of plots, the lot! This was especially the case with the Davey/ATLP/MysteryDungeon//=All your Fault + Little Dude connection. Also with Princess Potluck taking place at the same time as Noire. Will there be further season 5 links?

So far, we have 3 already-listed episodes:

  • Jakesuit (July 15th) - Jake's sick of being Finn's Jakesuit so he wants to wear Finn instead and this sounds like it'll definitely go well
  • Be More (22nd) - Finn and Jake go to the MO factory to save BMO. WELP THE BMO BACKSTORY EPISODE AT LAST!
  • Sky Witch (29th) - Marcie tries to track a sky witch on a topsecret mission and then she asks PB for help when she loses her trail and you can see my bubbline fangirling nosebleeds all over the place.