Alright, I have a laptop with Microsoft 2003 paint on it, and I make the most of it. I've been into drawing AT on it recently and can draw pretty O.K. using my laptop pad.

I can draw you avatars or pictures FREE OF CHARGE, for the hell of it, because I know that I'm an ameteur artist and I'm simply just bored so practice makes perfect.

AT Kitty pictures and avatars:

Flame Princess Kitty

Flame Princess Kitty - requested by 27finnsprincess

Kitty finn 2

icanhascheezeburger's avatar

Peppermint kitty

Peppermint Butler Kitty


Marceline and Bubblegum

Marcie kitty

Another Marceline and PB picture

Kitty fionna

Fionnathecat's avater

Kitty head

Beemo kitty

Nyan cat

Sweet Princess

Nyan cat avatar

Sweet Princess Kitty w/ green spots

Ice kitty

The Ice Cat

Lemongrab kitty avatar

Lemongrab Kitty

Kitty lemongrab


Link kitty

Link! For RandomKitten.

Non-cat/avatar related AT work:

Adventure Time Missing In Action Edit

Marceline shade


Marshall lee56

Marshall Lee

If you want me to draw you an avatar or have any suggestions or requests for a full picture then please give feedback on this thread. :D

All artwork done on Microsoft Paint 2003 so no transparency unfortunately.

Icanhascheezeburger 19:25, June 30, 2012 (UTC)
Finn is KIA

FINNNNNNNN Continuation of 'Missing in Action' - 'Killed in Action' *WORK IN PROGRESS*

Killed in action2 w.mud

Dead Finn, dead Jake, wounded Marceline... slightly fuzzed PB... CAN THIS GET ANY MORE VIOLENT AND DEPRESSING?


Bonnibel and Marceline