If your character has issues, don’t feel like they should be changed - accept them.

If Marceline’s your favourite character, embrace her selfishness.

If Ice King’s your favourite character, embrace his greed.

If Finn’s your favourite character, embrace his childness. 

If Jake’s your favourite character, embrace his immaturity and douchery.

If Flame Princess’s your favourite character, embrace her anger and chaotic evilness.

If Bonnie’s your favourite character, as she is mine, embrace her creepiness and insensitivity.



Because, with Ice King and PB, I wouldn’t want to change anything for the world - I don’t want Ice King to be less of a greedy selfish jerk, I don’t want Bubblegum to be more sensitive and less unsettling or sinister. I LOVE THEM AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM.

Trying to make your favourite character have “perfect” qualities is only going to annoy others. A character without flaws? A Mary Sue. Unrelatable. No good.

On this wiki, there are CONSTANTLY wars and arguments about characters, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Flame Princess and Bubblegum, and the reason these two characters are argued about is because they're both girls Finn has crushes on. I think that's massively unfair and kind of sexist. We don't pay NEARLY as much attention to male characters when it's the other way around, as a matter of fact.

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for who your favourite character is (unless it's Marshall Lee). As long as you have an honest perception of the character, it's fine.

The Bubblegum haters keep bashing her for every little mistake she's ever made, it really, REALLY gets on my nerves. Well, wiki, bring it on - if it is something that is actually her fault, that isn't just you having your warped and biased perception, I accept it and LOVE it. For example? Being completely cold and blunt in emotional situations. Making massive scientific errors. Being a creepy nutter at times. Going mental at the Duke of Nuts. I LOVE HER CHARACTER AND EVERYTHING OF IT.

Flame Princess fans? Your character is evil, get over it. But don't feel down because of it, don't feel that removes your right to like the character - EMBRACE THE EVIL, EMBRACE THE MADNESS. It's what makes her character, what you love about her! Is she cliche? So what? You love her for what she is! Don't try and deny that, don't wish she was calmer.