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What the lump is wrong with you people?

I joined this wiki a couple of weeks ago, after I'd finished watching all the Adventure Time episodes, and when it was full of discussion about why "PB is a jerk", and I couldn't be having with people calling PB a jerk so I built up my knowledge on the character and wrote HUGE textwalls on her and why all her actions are justified. I had argued with both unreasonable impulsive anti-PB users AND the Lemongrab Brigade, and there was some interesting discussion going on. I have met ONE PERSON who can stumble my argument, and that is LittleGhostPrankster.

And then, those discussions died down. And there were a few more interesting discussions about the Mushroom War...

But EVER SINCE, I have not seen ONE decent blog get popular.

I mean, there have been loads of good blogs being posted:

and some which are due decent discussion:

and I've created some blogs myself that I figured are owed attention:


Examples of "popular articles" on this wiki:

(no offence to RandomKitten for showing their creativity, it's just that it's gone WAY too popular for what it is)

...And I bet we all remember all of the "I Draw Users" blogs that got way too popular and demanding for even the artists themselves to cope.

Now, none of this is REALLY the fault of the blog posters themselves. It's more the fault of the collective personality of the entire wiki. I mean, I used to draw users on a place called ROBLOX and my blogs and art quickly became extremely popular. But ROBLOX was filled with 11-yr-olds. And I posted a blog here saying that I draw stuff and showed off my art, but I've let that die down because that's not what I'm here for.

It seems like you don't want to talk about Adventure Time at all. It seems like you all want to see yourselves being analysed/drawn/incorporated into fanfiction/dared by other people. Which is silly because this is the ADVENTURE TIME Wiki. This really needs that "Adventure Time Relevence" rule that FPF was talking about because this is getting ridiculous.

And when you DO talk about Adventure Time, it's all stupid impulsive stuff like "Flame Princess rules PB sux" without any decent discussion at all.

Nobody notices any of the GOOD blogs, the ones that people actually put EFFORT into, because nobody can be asked to give a reply with the same amount of effort or get involved in any active debate or discussion.

I doubt that this will get ANY replies at all, but these are my feelings about what I'm seeing on this wiki. I'm not blaming a particular person because it isn't the fault of an individual that their daft little blog becomes so popular, it's the fault of all the daft little people that keep it going.

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