• I live in Mordor
  • My occupation is Zero Divider
  • I am your father
  • Idividedby0

    Location: Master Assassin's Office, Sanctum of Assassins Me-Mow: Please... give me another chance... I promise I will be successful in the next task you will give me.

    Master Assassin: Alright... but under one condition...

    MM:What sir?

    MA: If you fail, you will be removed from the Guild of Assassins.

    MM: Who will be the target?

    MA: Flame Princess.

    MM: But sir, thet would cause the Fire Kingdom to start a full-scale war on us.

    MA:Your task is to find her not kill her, her father told me to find her and bring her back to the Flame Kingdom, do you accept this mission or what?

    MM: I accept.

    ‚ÄčLocation: Fire Kingdom

    Flame King: Who dares come before the great ruler of the Flame Kingdom!

    Me-Mow(with Flame Shield): It is I, Me-Mow, Assassin, Second Class.

    FK: …

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