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  • Inunekogirl

    Ok so I know about all this rage about irrelevant blogs and comments.

    But this blog is not irrelevant because... is a blog about your favorite ADVENTURE TIME character.

    So here is what I will do:

    I will draw the character of your choosing (perferably your favorite).

    If you want my to do so in a certain drawing style tell me.

    Also I can do your OC with the character or by itself ( just give me something I can refer to for your OC)

    I do not want any spam or irrelevant things in the comments. This blog is strictly Adventure time only.

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  • Inunekogirl


    October 4, 2012 by Inunekogirl

    Great I knew this was going to happen...... Adventure time is becoming a Soap oprea.

    Now about two thirds of the blog posts are about FinnxFP or FinnxPB ._.

    It's Adventure Time not Romance


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  • Inunekogirl

    Susan Strong ~:D

    September 22, 2012 by Inunekogirl

    I think everybody knows this but..I think Susan Strong is a human not a hyoomen

    and Me-Mow Should definitly come back along with Fionna and Cake


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  • Inunekogirl


    September 5, 2012 by Inunekogirl

    Okay, one day Finn and Jake wake up and everthing is fake such as their bed,walls,ext. and the're wearing halloween costumes then suddenly all the stuff falls down and they relized they aren't in ooo any more but in aaa so when they fall the land into fionna and cake's house and the they go on an adventure and find marshel lee so then marshel lee takes them to the nightospere and find the gender swapped version of hudson abadeer.

    I haven't thought about the rest

    It is not likely to happen

    ~don't judge me~

    I have dreams too

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