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    So this is Part 2. Here's a link to a picture that would look like Kaos.

    Kaos Saga Pt.2

    Finn wrapped up his scorched arm. His arm had been scorched by trying to block the fireball Kaos had conjured up. The fireball was too much, and exploded, scorching his arm. “Finn, you okay?” Jake asked. Finn replied with a small nod. “Looks like we’re too weak to fight Kaos alone,” Finn inquired. “Maybe we should ask others,” Jake replied. Finn nodded at the idea. They soon walked to Marceline’s house. Jake knocked and then stood back immediately, due to his phobia of vampires. Marceline soon opened the door. “Oh hey, guys. What’s up?” She asked. “We’ve got a problem.” Finn answered. “Yeah! …

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  • Iron Rigby

    Hello everyone! This is my fanfic of Adventure Time. It centers on a new villain created right after the Lich's appearance with the Enchiridion.

    Kaos Saga - Pt 1

    After Billy the Hero smote and struck the Lich King down, he created a replacement by telepathingly creating one from his Well of Power. His name was Kaos. He was stored inside a prison. Should the Lich King be weakened or destroyed, he was his replacement. And now, in this Time, he was released...

    Finn and Jake sat on the floor of their living room. They were playing with BMO. All of a sudden, a massive explosion was heard. The very treehouse was shaken. "What the Grod was that?!" Finn screamed. Finn turned to the window to see that the Candy Kingdom was on fire. Jake looked through…

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