So this is Part 2. Here's a link to a picture that would look like Kaos.

Kaos Saga Pt.2

Finn wrapped up his scorched arm. His arm had been scorched by trying to block the fireball Kaos had conjured up. The fireball was too much, and exploded, scorching his arm. “Finn, you okay?” Jake asked. Finn replied with a small nod. “Looks like we’re too weak to fight Kaos alone,” Finn inquired. “Maybe we should ask others,” Jake replied. Finn nodded at the idea. They soon walked to Marceline’s house. Jake knocked and then stood back immediately, due to his phobia of vampires. Marceline soon opened the door. “Oh hey, guys. What’s up?” She asked. “We’ve got a problem.” Finn answered. “Yeah! There’s this really bad guy, and we need your help fighting him.” Jake continued. “Okay.” Marcy replied. “Wait, you do know how to fight, right?” Finn asked. Marceline replied with a nod. “Alright! But to pledge your allegiance, let’s fist bump.” Finn told her. They bumped their fists. “See you later Marcy. We’ll call you when we need help.” The pair walked out together, confident that Marceline’s fighting skills could help them. On their way to the Tree Fort, the two bros struck up a conversation. “Okay, so we’ve got Marcy on our team. Who else should we ask?” Finn asked. “Hmm… How about’ Ice King?” Jake replied. “No way, man. That guy’s a creep.” “Think of it, man! He could freeze Kaos, and with Marceline, she can chop him up!” “Uh… I suppose.” So the two then made their way to the Ice Kingdom, where they knocked on Ice King’s front door. “Whoa! Why are you guys here?” Ice King asked. “Ice King… We need your help. To fight this villain. His name is Kaos and he’s going to destroy everything! Can you help?” Finn asked. “Oh my gosh! Okay, okay, I’ll help. But…” Ice King replied. “But what, dude?” Jake asked. “We need to be turbobros.” Ice King replied. “… Fine.” Finn reluctantly answered. “Yes! Okay, call me when you need me.” Ice King said. He closed his door. Finn and Jake started to walk away. “Is that it, dude?” Jake asked. “Yup! Let’s get back to the Tree Fort. Then we’ll train.” Finn said. So they soon arrived at the Tree Fort. The group of warriors then set about their own training. Finn and Jake practiced sparing and their ice techniques. Marceline practiced with her axe bass. Ice King practiced with his Ice powers. And so they waited.