Hello everyone! This is my fanfic of Adventure Time. It centers on a new villain created right after the Lich's appearance with the Enchiridion.

                          Kaos Saga - Pt 1

After Billy the Hero smote and struck the Lich King down, he created a replacement by telepathingly creating one from his Well of Power. His name was Kaos. He was stored inside a prison. Should the Lich King be weakened or destroyed, he was his replacement. And now, in this Time, he was released...

Finn and Jake sat on the floor of their living room. They were playing with BMO. All of a sudden, a massive explosion was heard. The very treehouse was shaken. "What the Grod was that?!" Finn screamed. Finn turned to the window to see that the Candy Kingdom was on fire. Jake looked through the window as well, and screamed. "We've got to help them!" Jake told Finn. "Agreed." Finn replied. He grabbed his pack, along with the family sword. He hopped on Jake's back, who grew and quickly made their way to the Kingdom. 

Finn and Jake soon arrived at the Candy Kingdom. They saw a hooded boy who looked about Finn's size. The hooded figure was blasting Candy people with giant black fireballs, melting large portions of their body. Finn knew that the decorpsinator serum that PB made would revive them, so no worries. At the sight of a magical dog and his owner, the hooded figure turned. "Who are you?" he asked. "I'm Finn the Human, And this is Jake the Dog! And it's time to board the Knuckle Train to Fist Planet!!!" Finn jumped up and attempted to strike the figure, but to no avail. The figure dodged swiftly and grabbed Finn's arm. "You are weak and foolish, human boy. You show no care that you are the last human... It appears that I need to teach you a little discipline. " He pushed Finn's left wrist into his bone. It was broken. The figure then tossed Finn aside. Jake took immediate action and stretched up and saved Finn from falling. "Finn! You okay?" Jake asked. "Urgh.. Get out the cyclops tears..." Finn said. Jake ruffled through the backpack and found the small bottle of cyclops tears.

Jake quickly poured on the tears and healed Finn's wrist. "Thanks, Jake." Finn said. Finn then took out his demon sword. The figure took a look at the sword. "Joshua's sword..." He said. "Shut up! How do you even know about Dad?!" Jake asked. "Joshua opposed me... I had to destroy him... I.. am Kaos." "You what?! I'll kill you!!!" Finn screamed. He jumped on and swung the sword down on his head. Kaos quickly blocked with his left hand. The sword was lodged into Kaos's hand with a black ooze coming out. Finn tried to take it out of his hand, but to no avail. Jake them stretched his hands up and turned them into hammers, where he bludgeoned Kaos's face. The sword quickly came up from Kaos's hands and Finn fell.  Jake then jumped down and caught Finn. "Enough!  I'll obliterate the entire Kingdom with this blast." Kaos shouted. He conjured a large black fireball and then shot it directly at Finn and Jake.  Finn quickly blocked with his demon blood sword. It exploded.