aka none of your buisness really

  • I live in a botomless pit in the middle of the ocean
  • My occupation is Makeing Music
  • I am part of the human race
  • ItsDJdonnieD

    The Beginning

    Its started out about a year or two ago. Ive always loved electronic music but it was much more than that. i had great ideas for songs but....i had no idea who to give them too. I wanted to show my ideas to a professional so thay could make them into songs. but i knew i wouldnt get credit if i did. I also didnt know where to start. I looked online for programs to make music.

    Finding a Program

    I started out with audacity. It wasnt much but it was a start. All i could do though was make remixes. I searched more but all i could find were very expensive programs. I had a psp and i saw that there was a game on there called beaterator that i could buy. i looked up reviews and i saw that you could make legit good music on it. I went an…

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