The Beginning

Its started out about a year or two ago. Ive always loved electronic music but it was much more than that. i had great ideas for songs but....i had no idea who to give them too. I wanted to show my ideas to a professional so thay could make them into songs. but i knew i wouldnt get credit if i did. I also didnt know where to start. I looked online for programs to make music.

Finding a Program

I started out with audacity. It wasnt much but it was a start. All i could do though was make remixes. I searched more but all i could find were very expensive programs. I had a psp and i saw that there was a game on there called beaterator that i could buy. i looked up reviews and i saw that you could make legit good music on it. I went and bought it and was amazed at what it could do. I put all my ideas into songs. at first i was just messing around, but then i really got into it.


I made a youtube accout to share me music with the world. at first i didnt get a lot of attention, but then i found out that there were amerature music makers all over the internet. They all helped me and i helped them. Sharing tips and advice we all got really good. I posted many of my songs on there and it got very popuar

An Album

I had enough songs to put up for download. I was going to put it up for free download beceause i didnt expect any1 to actually buy it. but i experienced some technical difficulties. i couldnt find a way to put it up for download. Im currently still looking so the date of release was pushed back further into 2013 or late 2012. The album will be tittled Finally, beceause when it is released i will finally have done it. Kind of a pun but it works out really good.

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