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    I'm Back

    August 29, 2014 by ItsLee

    NOTE: I am ItsMarshallTime but my name is ItsLee because i asked Wikia to change my username.

    Hi guys, I'm back and I got some things to say:

    Ok, first of all, I'm NOT a fan of Marshall Lee anymore, I think he's kinda boring. And second, I have changed. I'm a lot nicer and friendier than before (please don't talk about it).

                           And I made a character WHICH interests me. Here he is: click this to see the picture

              (I didn't draw it tho, I requested it in Deviantart :/)

    Anyway, I will not be making any rude threads. I will not be making thread, well, OK I will be making threads but NOT rude threads.

    And please, don't bully me. I know I had been mean before and I felt wrong laterly. So, please, don't say 'Oh no, it's that…

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  • ItsLee

    Hi, sorry for this blog and that it caused lots of angry people but i didn't really make this blog, my brother did.

    I'm really sorry for letting my brother go to this Wikia, I had NO idea he made this blog. Also, he had a C- on his grammar test so I do not know how he mangled how to type this blog.

    Any admins or staffs, please delete this blog immediately.

    Thank you for reading.


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  • ItsLee

    I smell a minigame..

    January 15, 2014 by ItsLee

    This is a minigame called I Smell a Minigame...

    The rules is simple, lets say i will say 'I smell victory', the next person will say 'I smell (something)' but you have to use the last word from the last player's comment like this:

    Player 1: Victory (Last word = Y = Yolk)

    Player 2: Yolk (Last word = K = Killings)

    Player 3: Killings (Last word = S = Swegness)

    Get it? Well lets play! I start first:

    I smell blood

    Have fun!

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  • ItsLee

    So you know these title cards on every episodes? You think they were very good? I agree. But while I watch episodes, sometimes there are really crappy title cards so this is why I made a list of AT title cards that artists really need to work again. This is only a list, if you know a crappy title card, let me know and I will add it!

    So when you're watching episodes, you see title cards that tells you the title? Well, this artist need to change the title card 'Goliad' because the art reveals Goliad and the viewers will know what's happening and think 'looks like PB made Goliad'. Then the viewers were right. See? That's why title cards has to be CAREFUL.

    • sigh* a crappy episode with a crappy title card... How weird is that? Anyway, the artist n…

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  • ItsLee

    So you think you can draw?!

    January 14, 2014 by ItsLee

    Ok, I have a challange for you. Draw an adventure time picture and if you make the best one, you might win my rare picture that no one seen. I drew one but I can't share it. So, good luck! Also, any drawings is welcome but please don't show really naked (semi-nude is fine) and gay (kissing is fine) pictures, they're disgusting.

    • Kisses
    • Semi-nude pictures
    • Swears
    • Anything that is related to Adventure Time

    • Nude pictures
    • Sexual pictures
    • Anything that is not related to Adventure Time

    If you break the list you cannot draw, you're eliminated from the competition.

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