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ItsLee August 29, 2014 User blog:ItsLee

NOTE: I am ItsMarshallTime but my name is ItsLee because i asked Wikia to change my username.

Hi guys, I'm back and I got some things to say:

Ok, first of all, I'm NOT a fan of Marshall Lee anymore, I think he's kinda boring. And second, I have changed. I'm a lot nicer and friendier than before (please don't talk about it).

                       And I made a character WHICH interests me. Here he is: click this to see the picture

          (I didn't draw it tho, I requested it in Deviantart :/)

Anyway, I will not be making any rude threads. I will not be making thread, well, OK I will be making threads but NOT rude threads.

And please, don't bully me. I know I had been mean before and I felt wrong laterly. So, please, don't say 'Oh no, it's that idiot here again to make some more rude threads....', I have feelings and like I said before, I WILL not be making any rude threads.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you took your time to read this ;) Bye!

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