I'm sure all of you have gathered this at one time or another, but this is quite a collection of interesting thoughts. Pondering upon the fast approaching episode featuring our favorite Hero Boy and his joint adventure with his hero on a mission to save lives in peril from the Lich, I discovered some interesting parallels between Finn's adventures and the adventures Billy has had that were highlighted in his song...

Who's the greatest warrior ever?
A hero of renown?

Well... Finn is most certainly not the greatest warrior ever. That title belongs to Billy. However, Finn, even at a young age, is most definitely a well renowned hero having been everywhere fighting evil and solving peoples' problems. Also, since Billy has retired from adventuring, Finn can be considered Ooo's most dependable and best adventurer as it stands.

Who slayed an Evil Ocean?

Interesting... Billy has slayed an evil ocean... Finn may not have that on his adventurer's resume, but before we brush this aside remember: Finn has a fear of the ocean manifest inside of him. He has tussled and fought with it, attempting to conquer it. He eventually came to accept it as his unique flaw, which would be in a way a victory over the ocean for our favorite 14 year old hero.

Who cast the Lich King down?

This one is well documented. Billy fought the Lich King in an epic battle that resulted the Lich being imprisoned in the tree at the center of the Candy Kingdom castle. Finn has also defeated the Lich, not once but twice in combat. Another thing they share in common.

And that time the evil Fire Count
Captured a damsel fair.
Who saved her with such brav'ry
She offered him her hair?

Well.. This one may be a stretch, but there's still is similarity. Both Billy and Finn have dealt with princess snatchers and have dealt with the evil denizens of the Fire Kingdom (Finn's GF happens to be from the Fire Kingdom; a story plot that has yet to come to completion). Finn, at request, was also given a piece of hair from Princess Bubblegum much like Billy was offered hair from Cotton Candy Princess.

Also... he fought a bear!

Finn has dealt with bears in the past (Story Telling Time comes to mind). But the true similarity is Finn's ordeal with The Bear in In Your Footsteps. There wasn't an actual fight, but Finn had to confront it on false notions and the Bear did steal the Enchiridion from him. I think it is likely there could be a fight in the near future....

Freaky huh? I just thought it was something cool. In any case, because of this, my theory is that we will see Billy perish or be so disabled in a way that the title of Ooo's greatest hero is passed on prematurely to Finn, opening up so many different plots.