Hey everyone, I just recently made an account for this wiki. So as best as I can figure the Land of Ooo is the result of magic resurfacing after the world ended because of the Mushroom Wars. However since science already excisted it continued to excist and even flourished. Meaning the Land of Ooo is the the perfect blend of magic and science. This would mean that everything in Ooo is either the result of magic, science or both. Examples:

Finn: As the last human because of the Mushroom Wars and being consumed I would put him in the category of science

Jake: Jake is a magic dog, however talking and other human like traits may be the result of the Mushroom Wars and evolution making him both science and magic

Marceline: Magic as she was probably half demon before becoming a vampire and is now a vampire

Princess Bubblegum: Science as she was made by science and candy people can be created by her they are probably a result from science

Beemo: Science, he's a robot, that should be obvious and sentience probably resulted from the Mushroom Wars

LSP: Could either be science or Magic, you can decide

Ice King: Magic, you know why

Lady Rainicorn: I would say magic, but have no real proof to support it, so you can decide what you think of her

Jiggler: I am completely stumped here, you decide, magic or science

Also tell me what you think about other people and places of Ooo and if they are science or magic