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  • Joantorres101

    Hey Guys! I'm sure all of you have watched the Burning low previews and sneak peeks but what is up with the other fans in facebook well my facebook all of my friends were so excited about Princess Bubblegum being jealous but if you look and listen closely to the preview Princess Bubblegum says "What! This isn't about a petty love triangle" which proves that PB isn't that jealous well have you ever seen Adventure time be dramatic? No I guess Not so Who cares about those sissy love teams well not me what I want is pure hardcore funny action!

    (Please act nice I'm just ___ years old and FYI I am sure to be an AT addict)

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  • Joantorres101

    What's going on with you guys ever since the Princess Cookie episode I've seen Blogs talk about how a Jerk Princess Bubblegum is well I'm here to confront those haters and bring out the lovers in them you see I'm just 11 years old and I love adventure time but seriously what is it about Princess Bubblegum is a Jerk thing FYI

    1. Princess Bubblegum giggled to Baby Snaps' dreams because she thought is was silly and had no means of hurting his feelings

    2. She wanted to arrest Baby Snaps' for the sake of the Candy Kingdom

    3. She ignored and left LemonGrab becuase he turned evil depressing so she had to do the job for the kingdom and because of her responsibilities as the princess

    4. She let Finn and Jake take care of Goliad because DUHHH! She hadn'…

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  • Joantorres101

    Okay, If you watched Princess Cookie then you probably know what I'm talking about. Jake was so nice to Princess cookie to achieve his dreams don't you think? It touched my heart to a million pieces but seriously what is up with Princess Cookie he is so dramatic and always takes things seriously. What's your opinion guys

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