aka John Doe

  • I live in The Universe
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is university student
  • I am Male
  • JohnyTheBrother


    Another normal day in the Land of Ooo. In the tree houses, Finn and Jake were playing BMO. Suddenly, Finn said:

     -Jake, I really miss Flame Princess.

     -But Finn, you said very bad things about her, things that you would only know, maybe... Jake said.

     -Uh, man! That's because of those premotion dreams i had. THOSE DREAMS WERE REALLY STUPID. JUST BECAUSE OF THEM, AND NOW THE ONE I LOVE BROKE UP WITH ME! Finn screamed aloud.

     -Dude! Those dreams were made by Cosmic Owl, one of the three Councilor. THose dreams are very special. Other Councilors are Prismo and Ultimate Wizard.

     -Who's Ultimate Wizard?

     -Like the most powerful Wizard in this dimension.

    As they were talking, somebody knocked the door. Finn opened the door. It was P…

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