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    Reviews S1: The New Frontier

    November 29, 2011 by Jones143

    Hey Folks, i thought that i can make some reviews and stuff for AT, Eps, and Previews.

    Well this is EP 1 of this series, sooo Comment too..


    Well in the Episode The New Frontier, Jake has his "Croak dream" and it features the Banana Man. Jake tells Finn of this, and Finn rejects Jake's Croak Dream and weirdly enough, the Banana Man appears at their front door.

    I dont want to spoiler it all, im petty sure the ep didn't appear yet in some states and other places, so i will wait.

    So if you did see it, what did you think of it? What stars out of 5 would you give it? What Pros and cons about the EP?

    Post some more here in the comments.

    Well, i'll make more of this Series "Reviews":P, and i hope you all see this. :D

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  • Jones143

    RolePlay idea

    September 25, 2011 by Jones143

    From Jones143

    I was thinking that we can have an Adventure time roleplay game on irc, anyone wants to help me out?

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  • Jones143

    There an bit of the ep "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake"!!!!

    Watch it here!

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  • Jones143

    Season 3 is comin' out on July the 11th, as well confirming the Princess Bubblegum will still be De-aged and more. Look Below for trailer!!

    New episodes of Adventure Time
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  • Jones143

    Adventure Time - specifically, half of “My Two Favorite People” - is nominated in the TV Program/Segments category in YouTube’s Telly Awards. There are 39 other nominees in the YouField, so maybe you want to head on over to YouTube right now and vote for your favorite. Which would be Adventure Time.

    So head over to youtube to vote!!!

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