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The Season 3 list of Episodes, idea of plots?

Jones143 April 10, 2011 User blog:Jones143

1008-053 Conquest of Cuteness 1008-054 Morituri Te Salutamus 1008-055 Hitcapades 1008-056 The Monster 1008-057 Memory of a Memory 1008-058 Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake 1008-059 Too Young 1008-060 Still 1008-061 Wizard Battle 1008-062 Door Jam 1008-063 Thank You 1008-064 From Bad to Worse 1008-065 Beautopia 1008-066 No One Can Hear You 1008-067 Apple Thief 1008-068 Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt I) 1008-069 Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt II) 1008-070 The Creeps 1008-071 An Assassin in Jake’s Nose 1008-072 The Croak List 1008-073 Marceline’s Closet 1008-074 Heart of the Fire Kingdom 1008-075 Word War II 1008-076 Another Way 1008-077 Ghost Princess 1008-078 Dungeon

What will apple thief be about? What do U think? anyone can talk ;)

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