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  • JosephStalin86

    Hi again, guys. I just wanna know your new year's resolution. I'm really serious, guys. This is just for fun. My new year's resolution is.......

    1. I will promise to fix my room by myself always (my maid got tired and angry because SHE is the only maid)
    2. I will promise to don't forget to sign my papers.
    3. I will promise to be wise always and follow the qualities of a good leader.
    4. I will promise to cook the food instead of my wife.
    5. I will promise to think good thoughts in my mind.
    6. I will promise to... GO CRAZY AND HAVE FUN!!! :)

    How about yours? (You must ALWAYS start with a "I will promise to [blank] )


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  • JosephStalin86

    Only You........

    December 28, 2013 by JosephStalin86

    Another interesting youtube video about Simon Petrikov and his princess, Betty.

    another fanmovie.. i guess

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