the moment of truth, which commonly reocurring girl are you? Are you Peebles, LSP, Marceline, Flame Princess, or Turtle Princess? Answer truthfully!

1.) Where would you hang out?

A. the Nightosphere, caves, and grasslands

B. the Candy Kingdom

C. Lumpy Space, grasslands, the woods

D. the Fire Kingdom, grasslands

E. libraries.

2.) What do you like to do in your freetime?

A. Play an instrument.

B. Perform sceince experiments.

C. Go to parties.

D. Hang out with your freinds.

E. Read.

3.) Your freinds would describe you as:

A. a trickster

B. a smartie

C. sassy

D. intense

E. nerdy

4.) Your favorite color to wear is:

A. red.

B. pink.

C. purple.

D. orange.

E. green.

5.) You hate:

A. too much sunlight.

B. conflicts.

C. haters.

D. water.

E. being away from books.

6.) If you could be any of these species, what would you be?

A. a vampire.

B. a candy person.

C. a lumpy space person.

D. a fire elemental

E. a turtle.

7.) What ability of these would you most wanna have?

A. Immortality.

B. Super smarts.

C. Floating.

D. Fire power.

E. I don't need powers as long as I have books.

8.) Which of these episodes of ADVENTURE TIME do you like best?

A. a Memory of a Memory

B. Lady and Peebles

C. Trouble in Lumpy Space

D. Burning Low

E. Gotcha

9.) What is your favorite type of muisic?

A. Rock.

B. Classical.

C. Pop.


E. I don't really listen to muisic.

10.) YOUR clothing style is:

A. casual.

B. fancy

C. shabby chic

D. pretty.

E. whatever i feel like wearing at the time.

Mostly A's: Marceline!!!!! That means your a hard core rocker girl and " a radical dame who likes to play games". You are indipendent. you don't let anybody tell you what to do.
Marceline Stock Night

Marceline Abadeer

Mostly B's: You're Princess Bubblegum! You're really smart and a natural leader. You can be tough when you want to be. You like to be freindly to all living things.
Adventure time princess bubblegum and gunter part2 by wilcox6-d4h6lvk


Mostly C's: You're Lumpy Space Princess! You are your own person. you always rock your style, and arent afraid to say whatever.

Lumpy Space Princess

Mostly D's: Flame Princess. Everybody thinks that you're evil, but your not. Just emocional. You keep your freinds close.


Flame Princess

Mostly E's: Turtle Princess. That's not necissarely a bad thing. You enjoy simple things, like reading and chatting. You always consult your freinds when you need advice.
Tumblr m8t8v9Gmxc1qzn8edo1 1280

Turtle Princess