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  • KT1999

    I missed adventure time

    September 20, 2015 by KT1999

    I havent watched adventure time in so long. Ever since I started high school i havent really been caught up with adventrue time. I used to draw OCs. A lot of my friends actually mocked my drawing style and perfered eachothers drawing style instead of mine. I didnt really mind cuz people on devinart and on this wikia would like them and i was pretty satisfied. Since I went into high school it just became more apparent my friends dont really like my drawings as much as theirs. It made me feel bad. Some things i never thought would happen, I stopped watching adventure time and i stopped drawing. School just got too busy to keep up, I thought i would never let it get to that, just happens sometimes. I stopped drawing for a lot of reasons actua…

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  • KT1999

    about the art style

    February 26, 2014 by KT1999

    Hey so I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed Marceline's and Princess Bubblegum's anatomy is getting a little different. Her arms and legs are longer, her face is a little out of proportion too (in comparisson to the art in other episodes) . Adventure Time is storyboard based so the style differs a little sometimes in episodes.

    I know I'm not really one to judge, but I really don't like the episodes storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan and Ako Casteura (sky witch, marceline's closet, red starved, betty, etc) they have good stories but could have been portrayed better in my opinion. All their episodes have Marceline and sometimes PB and thats pretty much why their anatomy is different in comparission to older episodes.

    My favorite storyboarding duo …

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  • KT1999


    November 3, 2013 by KT1999

    ey.....the wiki isn't too all in yo face as much anymore. My laptop broke down for a couple weeks sooo I was a little out of touch with you guys. I heard Blugo got banned. What happened? If thats okay to ask. I really missed talking to lots of you guys so don't go away for too long, you guys are pretty much the most real people I've met. Not a ton of people at school are into Adventure Time the way I am, not like we all are, I value people like you guys ya know. So glad I found this wiki.

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  • KT1999

    Well the Gaia shop was a bust...(don't ask) so I felt bad that some of the people on this wiki that requested on my last thread got cut off so I could work on my fail shop. I thought I might as well get a fresh start cause people probably forgot about their requests anyways...

    I'm not really gonna do all the requests as fast it might take me a day or 2, If I want I'll put the finished piece on my deviantart, and I might record the process of making your request and post it on my youtube channel . 

    so when you request/comment can you fill it out kinda like this:



    Skin tone:

    Hair(color, how long, etc.):

    Clothes:  [Shirt:    ]

                    [pants:   ]

                   [shoes:   ]



    some extra stuff about requests:

    In the …

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  • KT1999

    I'll draw your OC for free!

    September 23, 2012 by KT1999

    I've given up on art trade, does anyone want me to draw their OC for free?


    No yuri or yaoi or anything sexual

    No adventure time Shipping fanart (sorry no Fiolee)

    If you want me to make you an OC, give me some ideas on color scheme, hairstyle, etc

    I have the option to deny your request if it's too detialed, or if I don't feel like it (like if I'm sick or whatever)

    I have the right to record the process of making your character for speedpaints or whatever (I won't always if I decide not to) unless you request that I don't otherwise I can

    Art work will most likely be posted on my deviant art or tumblr (unless requested not)

    Full credit must be somehow rewarded to me, if artwork is posted somewhere please link to the blogpost

    Samples are in the …

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