I've given up on art trade, does anyone want me to draw their OC for free?


No yuri or yaoi or anything sexual

No adventure time Shipping fanart (sorry no Fiolee)

If you want me to make you an OC, give me some ideas on color scheme, hairstyle, etc

I have the option to deny your request if it's too detialed, or if I don't feel like it (like if I'm sick or whatever)

I have the right to record the process of making your character for speedpaints or whatever (I won't always if I decide not to) unless you request that I don't otherwise I can

Art work will most likely be posted on my deviant art or tumblr (unless requested not)

Full credit must be somehow rewarded to me, if artwork is posted somewhere please link to the blogpost

Samples are in the slide show

  • Fanart
  • OC created by me
  • My half of an art trade 1
  • Art trade 2
  • Comission from Gaia
  • 2nd Comission from Gaia
  • Art request
  • OC created by me

I will only be doing this for a maybe short amount of time

When my artshop on Gaia opens I will no longer be taking offers

I am still open for art trades if anyone wants to, don't think anyone will be though T^T

If you do want artwork I need to know the following:

species (human, hyoomen, vampire, etc)

color scheme, clothing ideas, skintone, etc.

if you want me to create an OC I need to know:

ideas for hairstyles, colorscheme, and clothing ideas

If you have refrence photos please show me, if they are not in color please inform me with all the colors like skintone, hair, clothes, pretty much everything

sorry there are so many rules T^T you won't beleive all the weird pervy requests I got in the past

Please request~

Sucessful Requests ===============>

  • some requests may be posted here*
  • request from AT Videonetwork
  • Art trade from Meganunan
  • request from Order Soldier
  • Request from AT videonetwork
  • Quinn Fabray request from Blugo34
  • 2nd art trade with Meganunan
  • request from adventuretimegirl123 (ATG)
  • request for Ember Princess
  • Request for Serpent316
  • request for Webberlover
  • Request for NihitheBrony