Well the Gaia shop was a bust...(don't ask) so I felt bad that some of the people on this wiki that requested on my last thread got cut off so I could work on my fail shop. I thought I might as well get a fresh start cause people probably forgot about their requests anyways...

I'm not really gonna do all the requests as fast it might take me a day or 2, If I want I'll put the finished piece on my deviantart, and I might record the process of making your request and post it on my youtube channel . 

so when you request/comment can you fill it out kinda like this:



Skin tone:

Hair(color, how long, etc.):

Clothes:  [Shirt:    ]

                [pants:   ]

               [shoes:   ]



some extra stuff about requests:

In the notes section don't be afriad to post refrence photos for any of the categories it'll just make my job easier. 

tell me if you want a solid color backround, I can't draw landscape backrounds or anything that looks cool. 

I'm open for art trades too, if you do wanna do an art trade, I'll put your half of the art trade before all the requests. Same for collabs, message me directly on my talk page if your open to doing a collab

Sometimes I'll post a sketch on your talkpage if I'm not sure if it's what you want, if you never respond then I won't finish the piece (you can just respond below my post on YOUR talk page, just leave a message under my message saying it looks okay, you don't need to post on my talk page unless you want me to change something on the sketch)

I guess I'll do Bravest Warriors OCs too but it has to be super detailed

Some sucessful reqeusts from before are in the slideshow below 

  • request for Serpent316
  • request for Meganunan
  • Request for Ember Princess
  • Request for NihitheBrony
  • Art Trade with Meganunan
  • Art Trade with Blushing Flame Princess
  • request from FIONNATHEHUMAN