I havent watched adventure time in so long. Ever since I started high school i havent really been caught up with adventrue time. I used to draw OCs. A lot of my friends actually mocked my drawing style and perfered eachothers drawing style instead of mine. I didnt really mind cuz people on devinart and on this wikia would like them and i was pretty satisfied. Since I went into high school it just became more apparent my friends dont really like my drawings as much as theirs. It made me feel bad. Some things i never thought would happen, I stopped watching adventure time and i stopped drawing. School just got too busy to keep up, I thought i would never let it get to that, just happens sometimes. I stopped drawing for a lot of reasons actually. I'm actually really unsatisfied with how im doing and I miss coming on to this wiki. 

main question thoughh, did adventure time get cancelled? I havent seen it on cartoon network in sooooooo long. I'm too afraid to check the wiki cuz of spoilers, i still wanna catch up someday.