Hey so I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed Marceline's and Princess Bubblegum's anatomy is getting a little different. Her arms and legs are longer, her face is a little out of proportion too (in comparisson to the art in other episodes) . Adventure Time is storyboard based so the style differs a little sometimes in episodes.

I know I'm not really one to judge, but I really don't like the episodes storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan and Ako Casteura (sky witch, marceline's closet, red starved, betty, etc) they have good stories but could have been portrayed better in my opinion. All their episodes have Marceline and sometimes PB and thats pretty much why their anatomy is different in comparission to older episodes.

My favorite storyboarding duo was Rebecca Sugar/Adam Muto (It came from the Nightosphere, Incendium, Fionna and Cake, What was missing, etc.) and I'm pretty sad they split up.

I think Tom Heprich and Steve Wolfhard (Be more, BMO lost, Puhoy, Jake the Dad, etc) express the original style really well.

I think Seo Kim and somvilay xayaphone have the most potential as a new duo. 

I think the best episode for Art is Dad's Dungeon, Pendleton Ward+Adam Muto+Natasha Allegri did the storyboard, the story is pretty good too, it's sad but it's a lot of character development for Finn, how he thinks his dad doesn't love him because he's adopted,and he thinks no one cares about him. It's gotta little something for everyone to enjoy. 

Little bit random but, uggggggh art block. Ever since High school started I have this huge art block and I haven't drawn AT style in months.