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    Okay so alot of people are all like "Oh Adventure Time is not for kids!" like my Aunt. But I believe it's more than a fan favorite cartoon for kids. Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic it sometimes teaches life lessons. Like Slumber Party Panic. It teaches to not break promises. More? Okay we have What Was Missing and Ocean of Fear. What Was Missing has 2 lessons. Like friendship is better than any favorite item you may have. And tell the truth. Now I know your'e gonna say "Tell the truth? Were did you pick that idea up from?" but watch it. Finn says "You like this? This is what was missing! The truth" right in that sentence you can see that it teaches tell the truth. And Ocean of Fear. Tells to face your fear. And Tree Trunks tells d…

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    Full Bury You

    July 15, 2013 by Kalafyre Nay

    ladadadada i'm gonna bury you in the ground

    ladadadada i'm gonna bury in my sound

    i'm gonna drink the red from you pretty pink face

    i'm gonna kill you

    oooh yeah i'm gonna eat your face off

    i'm gonna kill you oh oh oh

    cause i don't i don't like ya no more

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    (The episode starts out in Princess Bubblegum's castle) Finn: Throw it, Jake! (Jake grabs a Jelly Kinder and twirls it up to Finn with his arms)

    Finn: Eyahh! (Kicks it to the ceiling where others are)

    Finn: These jelly kinders aren't... alive, are they?

    Princess Bubblegum: (Holding one) What? No! They can't even talk.

    (The Jelly Kinder frantically lets out a sound and Princess Bubblegum hastily covers its mouth)

    Princess Bubblegum: Kick it! Thanks for helping me out guys.

    Jake: What are these buggers for, anyway?

    Princess Bubblegum: Oh, they're decorations for my Bonnibel Bubblegum Ball. Tonight!

    Finn: Sounds like it gonna be large.

    Princess Bubblegum: Yes! So very large. I'd like you to be there as my special guest.

    Finn: You want me to go with you…

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    The Land of Ooo heroes is an upcoming illustrated fan fiction by Nay. It will soon be available on Nay's special wiki. Unlike some fan fictions, this one was made for/by a kid(s), despite the fact it has the word "sexy".

    Finn goes through a portal that PB creates. He then finds himself as a high school kid. He brought along Jake. Jake becomes a human. Finn goes in and meets two students Bettie(who likes to be called Proffessor Bettie) and Marylin. They remind him of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Then he meets Lucy Selena Parker, a girl who insists Finn calls her LSP or Lil' Sexy Princess. She reminded Finn of Lumpy Space Princess. He then meets the lunch lady, Teresa Thompson who reminds him of Tree Trunks. Then he meets some more satud…

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