Okay so alot of people are all like "Oh Adventure Time is not for kids!" like my Aunt. But I believe it's more than a fan favorite cartoon for kids. Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic it sometimes teaches life lessons. Like Slumber Party Panic. It teaches to not break promises. More? Okay we have What Was Missing and Ocean of Fear. What Was Missing has 2 lessons. Like friendship is better than any favorite item you may have. And tell the truth. Now I know your'e gonna say "Tell the truth? Were did you pick that idea up from?" but watch it. Finn says "You like this? This is what was missing! The truth" right in that sentence you can see that it teaches tell the truth. And Ocean of Fear. Tells to face your fear. And Tree Trunks tells don't judge people -or elephants- by what they look like. All I remember right now.