The Land of Ooo heroes is an upcoming illustrated fan fiction by Nay. It will soon be available on Nay's special wiki. Unlike some fan fictions, this one was made for/by a kid(s), despite the fact it has the word "sexy".

Part of the Story (WARNING! May contain spoilers!)Edit

Finn goes through a portal that PB creates. He then finds himself as a high school kid. He brought along Jake. Jake becomes a human. Finn goes in and meets two students Bettie(who likes to be called Proffessor Bettie) and Marylin. They remind him of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Then he meets Lucy Selena Parker, a girl who insists Finn calls her LSP or Lil' Sexy Princess. She reminded Finn of Lumpy Space Princess. He then meets the lunch lady, Teresa Thompson who reminds him of Tree Trunks. Then he meets some more satudents and staff that remind him of his friends and enemies from Ooo.


The name Teresa Thompson for Tree Trunks is in loving memory of Nay's dead grandmother. Nay's mother(daughter of that exact grandmother) also loved elephants.

Bettie was the original name for Princess Bubblegum, rather than Bonibel.

The name and even part of the story was inspired by My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.