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    Rebecca Sugar's show Steven's Universe was recently picked on by Cartoon Network.

    There has been no official word of her leaving Adventure Time in the favor of her own production

    But today Adam Muto gave this answer on his Formspring:

    It looks like some of episodes she worked on haven't aired yet

    But she won't work on the show anymore.

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    Pen Ward gave a large hint what will happen further in the series.

    Listen, it's worth it!

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    Probably a lot of you watch anime and are interested in Japanese seiyuu/dubbing, so I bring you Japanese dubbing of Adventure Time:

    Finn's VA is Romi Paku, Jake's VA is Shiro Saito and Princess Bubblegum is voiced by Rie Tanaka.

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    Friday Streams

    April 15, 2012 by Kasumisty


    When season fourth of Adventure Time started, I decided to do streams, which would show the newest aired episode plus an older episode. I've already aired Hot to the Touch and Five Short Graybles and on next Friday it would be time for "Web Weirdos".

    The stream always starts at 11 pm GMT/3 pm PST under this adress and you're more than welcome to come!

    And if you're interested, what would you choose for second aired episode?

    I've made a short list of rarely watched episodes and maybe you could choose something you like:

    • The Witch’s Garden
    • The Duke
    • Donny
    • What Have You Done?
    • His Hero
    • Gut Grinder
    • Loyalty to the King
    • The Other Tarts
    • The Chamber of Frozen Blades
    • The Pods
    • The Silent King
    • Guardians of Sunshine
    • Death in Bloom
    • Belly of the Beast
    • The Limit

    I always p…

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