aka Dannie

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is Teacher, Beta Tester, Streamer
  • I am Female
  • Katari12

    So, I was doing tons of digging around, ya know, finding connections with IK and Marce, and it's kinda crazy how much you can find.

    (Like Simons basketball Jersey, that matches with Marceline's basketball Hoop [something lost in time it seems])

    Anyways, so I was roaming around the many sites that list information and I came across some information, and instead of me having to do the digging someone else did it for me. See, I'm from California, but when I saw an image i recognized a few things, and googled it, but I noticed someone else did more digging, get a laod of this! I found an article for the information on bring from L.A. Scroll to bottom for information on Russia.

    "We were looking at pictures of the latest episode, “I Remember You.”…
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  • Katari12

    Updating profile poll!

    August 19, 2012 by Katari12

    So basically, there's going to be links on my page to my drawings, and one more thing, but this is where i need YOUR help.

    The reason i ask is this, I want to add a section for me singing, playing piano, etc, BUT i only have a cell phone as a recording device, and it's might hard to position the camera at myself while doing like 2 things lol. So i'm curious as to which would be better IF you clicked the link what would you prefer to see.

    Leave feed back, song requests (can't play a million things), etc below.

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  • Katari12

    Chat Love! Or not

    August 7, 2012 by Katari12
    1. No quotes that will be used are from users who dislike chat, no one dislikes chat if we didn't we wouldn't be compiling this blog together.
    2. We don't want to leave chat, that's why we're making sure the admins and mods can see this.
    3. This has nothing to do with me losing my job, I'm just not scared to make this blog, while everyone else is in fear of being banned. Simple logic, there's a problem, make sure everyone can see it.
    4. Don't take this any other way then it's intended, to point out flaws and hope you guys can fix them as need be.

    Every website has it's issues, that's the point of being a website to constatnly being built and changed. The one thing lately that's been an issue, i've noticed is (besides vandalizing seeming to be at an all ti…

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  • Katari12

    I'm going to post something that happened in chat, and you guys can tell me your opinion. I'm really interested in what's up with people lately, this isn't the first time this has happened, I'm just curious as to why it's seeming like people are being rude to me for no reason. And I want to know if it's me, or if they really are being rude. You all know me, I'm the last person to attack, be mean to, or anything, I'm like.... I'm the old lady crossing the street with a walker, while some jerk pushes me down and tells me it's my fault for being so old.

    Start conversation! (The name of the person (not me) will be edited out, for protection.) This is copy and pasted, nothing changed (besides removing the person's name).

    omg my chat ahs such pro…

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  • Katari12

    "Sky Monster Well, this might be bad news for some people, but you can't go on the chat until you have a certain amount of edits. The amount is undecided, but A Hero Boy named Finn also agreed that we should have this rule... It doesn't matter if you edit your own wiki, it applies to this wiki"

    "if someone doesn't meet the amount they will be banned from the wiki" (later changed to chat to make more sense)"

    To the admins of this Wiki, we understand the chat is for wiki users and contributes, and I know I'm going out of my way to speak for the little users, but please understand our points:

    1. Not all of us live in the USA and get Adventure Time at the same time you do, by the time we have information we would love to add to the wiki it's already…

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