First off, let me clarrify that:

  1. No quotes that will be used are from users who dislike chat, no one dislikes chat if we didn't we wouldn't be compiling this blog together.
  2. We don't want to leave chat, that's why we're making sure the admins and mods can see this.
  3. This has nothing to do with me losing my job, I'm just not scared to make this blog, while everyone else is in fear of being banned. Simple logic, there's a problem, make sure everyone can see it.
  4. Don't take this any other way then it's intended, to point out flaws and hope you guys can fix them as need be.

Begin post

Every website has it's issues, that's the point of being a website to constatnly being built and changed. The one thing lately that's been an issue, i've noticed is (besides vandalizing seeming to be at an all time high) is the chat. We all love chat, but when things like:

"Person 1 - You should be a chat mod, Kat. I would (get a screen shot), but Saber is NEVER HERE. NEVER."

Or conversations like this:

"Person 2 - who are you talking about? Saber?

Person 3 - ^

Person 1 - Sa/b/00r.

Person 2 - he's never online, never

Person 3 - I mean, his chat is

Person 2 - i can't understand how he/she got to be admin.

Person 3 - and when he gets back he'll ban who ever broke the rules i suppose

Person 1 - Yeah, a little late for that.

Person 3 - He used to be really active....back when he hecame the admin"

I hear things like this, or walk into conversations like this almost every single time i look back at my chat. It seems like people want active mods, and when i say active, i mean active by definition, activly engaging in chat, without hours of disappearance. At least someone to be there to enforce rules while one mod or admin is away. The leaving chat open thing is great, it's a wonderful idea, IF there's another mod present to fight off evils that come up. One person leaves chat to get screen shots if the other mod couldn't, and it's an easy fixing process, but that's the only way it benefits.

"Person 3 - he's not active in the sense, that when a mod is needed at that moment in time, he's not around However, he feels his current way of doing things is just fine as is

Person 1 - Well unfortunately, we don't."

I'm using quote, from users, who tell me these things on a regular basis, I've chosen now to post about it now, because the issues seem more immediate, at first it was just like "yeah this would work" and now it's like "this is necessary".


The main issue here is activity. AFK with chat open to almost everyone = not active. Personally, i understand the process, and people do as well, but it's not working the way users who use chat need it to work. The issue, is the activeness of mods, saber and FPF are admins, they shouldn't be spending 100% of their time in chat, that's what chat mods are for, VKO and Blaugh are great, but if you consider the circumstances , those are the only two chat mods (official) and who are activly in chat when they log in. We love them to death, but sometimes even when they are afk it gets out of hand.

I've created this blog because as i said, I'm not scared, nor am I being rude, or un-truthful. Earlier someone said "we're going to get banned for saying this stuff", you guys have them scared outta their witts! haha, but really, take it easy and please try to fix things.... This blog may or may not get the comments i was told it would be getting, but that fact that it's out there, for not just FPF and saber to see, but all admins and mods and other helpers, so that maybe we can make a change.