I'm going to post something that happened in chat, and you guys can tell me your opinion. I'm really interested in what's up with people lately, this isn't the first time this has happened, I'm just curious as to why it's seeming like people are being rude to me for no reason. And I want to know if it's me, or if they really are being rude. You all know me, I'm the last person to attack, be mean to, or anything, I'm like.... I'm the old lady crossing the street with a walker, while some jerk pushes me down and tells me it's my fault for being so old.


Start conversation! (The name of the person (not me) will be edited out, for protection.) This is copy and pasted, nothing changed (besides removing the person's name).

omg my chat ahs such problems Has*

Katari12 not really o.o'

why not? my chat has problems. it bugs out so yes. yes really so stop hatin on me

(after a few minutes) Katari12 again not really...

what not really to waht?

Katari12 my chat has no issues at all..


Katari12 maybe it's your guys internet not the chat


Katari12 =/

i have full connection so stop assuming things its annoying

Katari12 ...... are you being rude for no reason?


Katari12 i think you are.. scroll up and re-read what you just typed to me

im being rude because you were in denial to the fact that my chat is bugging out

Katari12 Are you joking me


Katari12 Person's name here, chill out, i swear

im not joking you

Katari12 you're being rude


Okay, now there's more, cause he woudldn't stop the the point that I posted... Katari12: and it's pissing me off, cause you have no right

and it's hard to piss me off
You pissed me off by entangle-d4sjfp2


After a few minutes (of continued conversation), another mod came into the convo (there were people watching) and the mod continued the conversation by saying: Mod: Katari, calm down... maybe you should, cool off for a second.

yeah i didnt do anything i literally did nothing this time

Mod: Yes you did Person's name here

no i didnt

Mod: You were acting EXTREMELY obnoxious

not obnoxious

Now, as I said, this person isn't the first to do this to me (within the past 3 days it's been like 8 people) And I'm curious, am i starting it some how? Am I saying something to make them react that way? Maybe my wording of trying to be helpful in giving other solutions to their problem? I mean, Yeah I got mad and I'll stick up for that until the world ends, cause I'm tired of getting treated like that for no reason, and that's not the issue, I mean after I typed that I was mad it died down a little, but I'm just curious as to how all this works out.

Thanks for the opinions! I look forward to hearing from you guys! Also, this is for any sort of criticism, I'm not asking you guys to be on my side, I'm asking if I legit did something wrong, and if so, tell me where (before me going off) so that I can reword things for internet life-style. Nyan CatKatari12 Free marceline icon by picklecheesepie-d32mn6i 00:02, May 21, 2012 (UTC)