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    In the episode Holly Jolly Secrets Part II, Simon Petrikov called his fiacéé, Betty his "Princess" that can explain why he kidnaps princesses. For some reason Ice King mainly targets Princess Bubblegum. I think he targets her because, she reminds him of Betty. In the episode Holly Jolly Secrets Part II, He said Betty was studying the science of medicine, simalar to Doctor Princess. But, Princess Bubblegum seems to study all science. The second time Betty was seen was in the episode Simon and Marcy on a news paper that talked about Simon Petrikov's discovery about the enchirdion which can leave to how he found the echanted crown. That is just one of the many problems with Ice King. This one of his main Problems, He kidnaps Princesses, beca… Read more >
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    Welcome to this page. This is page is a page of conversation about random Adventure time facts. For example you can edit this and add a "Did you know?", such as: "Did you know Princess Bubblegum's real name is Bonnbel?" Thanks,

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