What if Princess Bubblegum wasn't really 18? What if, she was born to a couple before the Mushroom War, and was mutated shortly after the great bomb? Read on as I show you my imagination zone. . . ~ But Finn loves BMO farting! Hmph! 13:02, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

The Real Bonnie/2--->

Chapter 1 ~ The Bomb&nbsp

Bonnibel slept that night, sort of peaceful, despite the roars of bombs and airplanes diving in and out, the battlecries of soldiers coming into war, cries of triumph and grief, shouts of orders from leaders of troops. For the Third World War need no rest, even the children felt the presence of blood, dirty blood, blood which was spilled on sacred land by enemies, blood that was tainted by murder, and theft, as well as the presence of death everywhere.

The women and children were sent to a side of the country, a place not allowed to war. Young men of 15 were required to fight. The war continued. The war of which had lasted for 7 years, which was since the dawn of the day Bonnibel was born.


She woke up by force, children and wives and widows yelled at each other, trying to wake the others. Flames from the kitchen left by the maid who went to warn the others spread from the frying pan to the walls of the house on the side. The radio for their side blared news: "ATTENTION! Nuclear bombs will fall in 15 minutes. All children and wives must vacate to the bombing shelter."

She took off her quilts and grabbed her stuff toy, a toy shaped to look like a lollipop. She searched for her mother, who was grabbing all kinds of ointments and treats for her child, and when she turned to get her daughter, she tripped over a fallen disabled pug dog and all the ointments and treats flew from her hands, colliding together and hit Bonnibel. Her mother tried to stand, only to shriek in pain. "My ankle! It's broken!" She screamed. She craned her neck to look at the fallen ankle and saw it was much worse. Fire spread through the floor and one caughter on her sprained ankle.

Her mother clasped Bonnibel's hand and placed her locket in it. A picture of the three of them.


She ran. Bonnibel ran with all the other children, and they were very few. Many died in the fire, some stayed with their pregnant mothers, refusing to go without their physically incapable mothers. The ointments and candies on her skin seared with pain.

The 15 minutes were up. Bombs fell everywhere, children got bombed, even the countryside was no longer safe. Nowhere was safe. When she looked up she saw a giant bomb fly past her. Oh no, She thought. They were too far from the bombing shelter. She tried to run even faster, only to be too late, the bomb landed, a giant mushroom cloud appeared, all of the children burned through its flames.

All but one. Her name was Bonnibel. But that didn't stop her from fainting.


Many died, few turned to mutants, but most of the candies and sweets, and various other food and body parts and scarecrows as well as various animals came alive and talked. The ground turned to waste, some places were intact, except for the big crater where the bomb has killed millions, where Bonnibel laid, unconscious. And she was unconscious for 6 years, such painful of such an explosion, and slowly, very slowly, the earth reformed, it reformed to something beautiful.

The waste turned to places so fantastic, it was as simple as a child's imagination.

Yes, Earth, beautiful loving Earth, was bombed, many died, except for few, about 16% of the earth's former population; but slowly, it turned to fantasy,

It turned into the Land of Ooo.


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