Ready for Chapters Two, Three, and Four? The story continues 6 years after Bonnie passed out, since she was unconscious for 6 years, but she didn't A-G-E. So read on, and I decided to add two more extras since it's sort of sad that to wait for a L-O-N-G time for positive reviews. So read on! ~ But Finn loves BMO farting! Hmph! 10:24, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

The Real Bonnie/3--->

Chapter 2 ~ The Infirmary (Not So Much Candy)

The Candy Kingdom had very few Candy People, it was made from candy and other junk, and it was still small, like any other kingdoms and villages. Not to mention it stunk since some were made of garbage. The Infirmary, by the way, was west of the Candy Castle, the only building made of proper candy, and so far, after law decreed of royalty to rule kingdoms, and their second in-lines to rule a village of their kingdom, the place was still small.

The highest forms of candies, and humans (For to them humans were endangered species, the highest of them all, or, in other words, supreme-beings that survived a harsh crash) were only allowed into the Candy Castle, and sadly, they didn't have a ruler, for each kingdom's first ruler must be a humanoid, part-human (so they will be part-supreme) and part-whatever that kingdom was made of (e.g. part-Candy from Candy Kingdom, part-Lumpy Space from Lumpy Space, as well as part-Wildberry from Wildberry Kingdom, etc.), and so far, no part-Candy was there yet.

But there was one.


Bonnibel woke up in a sweet-scented garbage disposal room with people on beds made of rotten cotton candy. She scanned the place, hoping to see her mother, her father from the war, children who survived.

However, all she saw was talking, laying, sleeping, healing, running candy people with mouths, eyes, and noodly limbs. Where am I? She thought.

One of the doctors turned to see her awake. The doctor looked like a donut, or a bagel. She wasn't so sure, she was still lost on the living candy people. "She's awake!" She said happily. Then called out, "Peppermint Butler! Go get the charts!" (Kind of like P. Butler's great gramps or something.)

The donut placed her noodly limb on Bonnie's head, checking her temperature. However, Bonnie immediately pushed it away, and then her head throbbed with nausea as soon as she moved her hand. The donut tut-tut-tutted. "You're not supposed to be doing physical activities, my dear, even exerting yourself in minor activities." She tried to pull Bonnie down to the stinky bed.

However, Bonnie restrained herself, she pushed her away, despite the throbbing nausea repeatedly hammering her head with each deathly blow as though it threatened to crush her head. "No!" She screamed. "Mama! Papa! Where are they?! I won't move without Mama, Papa also!" She thrashed with each waking breath while she clawed at the poor donut.

"Calm down, child!" The donut said. "The experiment will accelerate!"

That shook the stubborness out of Bonnibel. She stopped struggling from the woman-donut-whatever it was that held her arms. "What experiment?" She demanded. The donut looked at her fellow doctors and ushered Bonnibel to a door. "Follow me."


This would take really long, so just a chapter, a blog. Hope you all understand, my school's being so tough on us here.