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The Real Bonnie/4 --->

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ === Chapter 3: The Hall of Ooo's Majestic History === "Behold!" Dr. Donut gestures to a hall full of moving pictures. "The Hall of Ooo's Majestic History!" Bonnibel gawked at the place. I mean, sure, it wreaked like hell at this place, the walls covered with junk and other trash Bonnibel didn't like, but the walls flickered, pictures moving to signifying a piece of Ooo's history. She held out her hand and touched the walls, it shimmered like she was touching the rainbow. The images blurred at Bonnibel's touch and became clear as soon as her fingers went out of reach.

'I know it isn't much, I'm afraid," Dr. Donut sighed, "It's only been 6 years, it's not enough to make this place even more grande, but magic is enough to sparkle this hall up!" She clasped her hands together, smiled, and ushered her to a section of the place. "This, is the life of the supreme before the Mushroom War, child. They say the world itself was once without a crater, so peaceful but. . . ." She trailed off and gulped. "Unfortunately, a terrorist group had declared war. The States tried to fight. . .but sadly," Her smile faded, "No one knows which country's terrorrist had started it, we all were alive after the war. All we know is that someone wanted war."

Bonnibel looked at another section of magical walls, this time of her running away. Her pixie-like hair flew onto her face as she ran, her skin blistering in the ointment's painful reaction. Her lavender eyes was more scared than she ever knew was possible for a person. "But how did you get all these memories?" She asked.

"We got it from your memories," Dr. Donut calmly said, "Although your memories had those parts where you couldn't remember it. If I'm not mistaken, you were born after the war started, right?" Bonnibel nodded. "Did your mother tell you why the war happened?" She shook her head. "She only said 'he was there' repeatedly," She tried to remember.

Dr. Donut arched her right eyebrow, "Really?" She asked. Bonnibel nodded. "Did she say anything else besides that man?"

Bonnibel thought for a moment, not sure whether she would trust the donut. Why would she not trust her? I mean, she was being interrogative, like a detective from Law and Order: SVU (I love that) that her mother would watch recaps of season 13. (I personally like Christopher Meloni, I wish he hadn't left and I wished he renewed his contract). . .But there was something about the sugary treat that Bonnibel liked, was it her motherly nature? Or her sweet scent? Or maybe it was because she wasn't like those strict mothers she'd seen in the old countryside beating up their kids if they found out they did something wrong and hid it from them.

"Not much, besides saying he was immortal, how he made a deal of offering the souls of those he killed to Death. That and how he looked. . ."


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