It has come to my attention that people have noticed various hints of war and a dark past of Adventure Time. But I notcie dsomething other than that. I believe that Ice King and Doctor Princess may have been in a prior relationship. If you look a Doctor Princess you will noticed a few things.

1)She has the same jewel on her head form the ice king's crown 2)She had the same thing in her pocket as doctor princess was ice king was just Simon 3)She actually looks like her old picture of herself (in the ice king flashback, look at the picture of his wife...) 4)Her skin is Green and her hair is brown, in difference o the picture. So maybe the jewel changed her features slightly as opposed to Ice King where his physical changes are more drastic. 5)Simon(Ice King) refers to her as his Princess, which is why she kept the Surname Princess.

Just a theory.....

I may be known for being kind of crazy, but doesn't that look like Doctor Princess??

Tell me what you think. Am I on to something or am I just a bit forcing something I want to exist?

KingFinn (talk) 19:04, August 31, 2012 (UTC)