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  • Kite13

    Chapter 6:

    Ghost princess: this little episode has a small combo of romance, good cop bad cop situation, suspense, and a happy ending; kind of what Jake looks for in a good story, LOL :)P. It all starts in the woods where Finn and Jake are having a little camp fire having hot dogs. Finn offers Jake some softy cheese to put on his dog, but Jake was a little disgusted about it for some reason. Finn was wondering why he's disliking it like that because he actually use to love softy cheese. Jake didn't really want to tell Finn why he doesn't like it lately so they just ate their dogs in peace; but then they herd a strange howl coming deep from inside the woods. It was just ghost princess though, but she was acting strange, haunting Finn and Jak…

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  • Kite13

    Chapter 5:

    Another way: Finn and Jake were put into bed rest because they willingly jumped off of a giant airborne bird and breaking their foot (their toes in their case, potato potahto, you decide) and Jake hired some clown nurses, which are kinda creepy and disturbing. Though Jake enjoys it very much and Finn hates being smothered that way. As Finn looks through the Enchiridion (haven't seen that in a while folks) and finds a chapter on a cyclops that has tears with magical healing properties, but one of the clown nurses took his book and told him that he should leave the medical professions to the medical professionals (pft if your professionals then I think the ice king is a sexy and macho supermodel |:/). Then one of the clown nurses s…

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  • Kite13

    Chapter 4:

    Paper Pete: you might think this episode mostly has a lot to do with a boring old library scheme, but it's about tiny secret paper guardians and little battles against moldy creatures and truces. It all starts at Ooo's biggest library, where Finn and Jake were carrying a giant book called the Rainacornicopia to one of the tables. Jake wanted to read it so he can learn the history of all rainacorns so he can pass on some culture to his part-rainacorn part-dog children in the future (though I don't think it would happen, because I've seen sampler pics of a rani-dog as I call it, and it ain't pretty :/). Finn was bored and tried to get Jake to take the wobbly table the book was placed on to this lost tinker goblin of fog mountain or…

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  • Kite13

    Chapter 3:

      Marcelines Closet: This episode started at the front yard of Marcelines house when Finn and Jake were coming over to play music with her, but she wasn't home. So they play hide-and-seek (cloud hunt as they called it, probably inspired by the Great Mushroom War :/), but Jake goes inside the house when they weren't allowed inside. Marceline comes home and both Finn and Jake were still inside, so they hide inside her closet. They decided to wait for the right time to sneak out of the closet and the house, but their wasn't a very good time. Most of the time, they were listening to a secret song Marceline wrote from 1000 years of journal entries which sounded both personal, yet somewhat emotional. While the melody was playing, Jake …

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  • Kite13

    Chapter 2:

    Holly Jolly Secrets: This particular episode was the first Adventure time Christmas special that will be forever recorded in history. It all started like any average day in the land of Ooo, Finn and Jake were out in the field digging for treasure, and found a tannish colored briefcase full of old-school video tapes (which is wierd cause nobody uses those old things anymore) Jake found lying around; but in reality, Finn saw these tapes first. When he saw them, he was watching that ignoramus the Ice King bury them at an abandoned trash dump in a pile of nose goo, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GGGGGRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the words of duck from almost naked animals: "this goo tastes lik…

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