chapter 1:

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: The following is rated A for awesome! This episode of adventure time is a gender-swap themed episode where the boys were girls and the girls were boys and did I mention that it was AWESOME! This very episode I love in particular because it showed more romantic interest in it than usual. Fionna, Finn's gender swap, has a major crush on a specific prince named Prince Gumball, Princess Bubblegum's gender swap, and her best friend Cake the cat, Jake's gender swap + animal swap, tries to guide her to find true love (P.S. Her boyfriend is Lord Monochromicorn, Lady Rainicorn's gender swap). After rescuing Prince Gumball from the evil clutches of the Ice Queen, Ice King's gender swap, Fionna was asked to go out with him and Cake agreed for her. They all met each other at the castle gardens and Gumball brought them gifts. For Cake, a little baggie of catnip from Lord Monochromicorn; and for Fionna, a bouquet of posies with a retractable crystal-gem sword in the center. Cake tells Fionna to tell Gumball that she thinks he's hot and fionna didn't want to; Gumball then challenged Fionna to a playful race to Marshmallow Meadows (Mweadows in his words). They raced across the field and up the cliff right into the beautiful flower field nag when both Fionna and Prince Gumball hopped off their mounts, they were practically breathless (Cake: "Why are y'all breathless when we were the ones running?" I would think Fionna would say something like "Well, it was an exciting run." then Cake would just mmmm-hmmm sarcastically). Then Gumball took a few steps forward humming a short tune then willingly dove right into the white flowers. Fionna shouted for him in worrie and dove in after him. Fionna came back up from the flowers with Prince Gumball in her arms and in his arms was a little pearl pigmy skull and he said that it reminded him of Fionna, the way her eyes sparkled, both their eyes grew large in admiration toward each other. This next scene takes place in between the afternoon and evening; Fionna, Cake, and Prince Gumball were riding toward the sunset on Lord Monochromicorn. The prince wanted to tell Fionna how he really felt about her in song. It went something like this: I feel like nothing was real, until I met you (Cake pulls out her dulcimer). I feel like we connect and I really get you ( Cake plays her dulcimer). If I said your a beautiful girl would it upset you; because the way you look tonight, silhouetted I'll never forget it oooohhhh oooohhh Fionna, your fist has touched my heart; oooohhhhoooohhh Fionna, I won't let anything in this world keep us apart (me: That's right. ; )), both Fionna and Prince Gumball: I won't let anything in this world, keep us apart. It was the most beautiful serenade in a long time. During the song these weird spherical monsters flew by and so Fionna used her retractable sword to fight them off and the second she sliced each one, they bursted into a fireworks fashion and made it more romantic as the song went on. When the song ended, Lord Monochromicorn softly dropped the couple into a grassy field giggling with delight. Fionna also exclaimed that it was like the stupidest thing ever in sarcastic manner. Cake flew off with her boyfriend telling Fionna "see you back at the treehouse!" then winked at her and Fionna blushed a little as both boyfriend and girlfriend flew out of sight, and the sunset scene faded ht time. Right at the field, Fionna and Prince Gumball were lying under the stars, having a funny conversation about wearing pants for a shirt, Fionna answers the question like so: "well, I guess you can wear your pants as a shirt, if you really needed to." Gumball laughs with the statement and asks Fionna to ask him a question now. Fionna asks if their little adventure is a.. date. Gumball gets up off the ground taking Fionna's hand said "Fionna, come to the ball with me." and she asked if she is going as his chum, but he replies "no, as my . . .girlfriend.". Back at the treehouse, Cake was playing some video games with Geemo, their little computer console thing and the girl version of Beemo and I call her that mostly because I thought it would be a little cleaver, and Fionna barges into the house and exclaims that it was a date and their was singing and junk when Cake said "I know I was their for that part." and Fionna tells Cake "Cake he wants me to go with him to the ball AS HIS GIRLFRIEND!" and Cake makes her a special dress for Fionna (NOTE: this dress was inspired by a special dress of a certain princess from an old anime show called Sailor Moon |BTW: I knew this just from the Internet, I've never actually watched the show before (:/. Oh well.) and she asked why she couldn't put any weapons in her purse and Cake replied " IT'S A BALL! YOU DON'T BRING WEAPONS!. Though Fionna decides to bring the retractable sword that Prince Gumball gave her (just in case I bet) and the girls went off to the Candy Kingdom. They arrive a few minutes just before 7:00. Fionna peered inside and everyone was their, including Marshal Lee, Marcelines gender swap character, and then she saw her prince talking to the female version of Cinnamon bun. Gumball then came outside to see her and invited her to follow him upstairs and she accepts. Cake tells them to have a good time and goes inside. The couple goes into Gumball's room and the nightstands had lite candles and their were rose petals on and at the bed. Fionna was a little confused at the sight. But then, Gumball locked the door and started to unbutton his shirt and Fionna stepped back in an uncomfortable manner ( these were my exact thoughts: OH MY G. HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH HER OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). But then, a drop of water landed on her shoulder and she looked up, surprised at the sight of seeing Prince Gumball frozen in and icicle. The other Prince Gumball opened up his shirt and inside a fake prince's outfit was none other than the cold blooded Ice Queen. Shouting " This is really messed up Ice Queen, What is your problem with me!", then Ice Queen makes a giant mound of solid ice and exclaiming "Your what stands between ME and My Gumball!" and shoots spikes out of the solid ice mound. Fionna jumps down from the ice mound angrily saying " UHG I CANT BELIEVE I FELL FOR THIS TRASH!! ( ripping part of her dress off) You got me to show up with a dress, and a pur... my purse... MY SWORD!!!!!" realizing she forgot her sword, she ran to her purse, took out the retractable sword and shot out it's blade; but then it turned into a ball of ice because the Ice Queen actually gave it to her while they "went out" ( :0. Back downstairs, Cake heard the commotion upstairs and sensed that Fionna was in trouble (you could tell because her tail was totally frizzing out. :) LOL). Back upstairs, Fionna decides to use her iced up hands to her advantage and repetitively whacked the Ice Queen in the head multiple times, then Ice Queen launched Fionna into the air with a slush attack and once again Fionna used it to he advantage by grabbing on to the iced prince's frozen prison and smashing it apart along with her trapped hands. This also temporarily buried the Ice Queen in some giant ice blocks. Fionna caught Prince Gumball in her arms landing perfect yon the ground. Gumball was surprised and a little glad that Fionna was ok. Cake then barged into Gumball's room shouting "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HE...." and noticed Fionna and Gumball together and she ran up to him screaming "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!!!!!" and scratching his face. Fionna stopped Cake and explained that it was the Ice Queen the entire time; but then Ice Queen shoots small icicles at Cake shouting "Paws off my prince!" setting poor Cake groaning in pain, and then Fionna knocked the Ice Queen's tiara off of her head and kicked her in the gut; then the Ice Queen notices that it's off and Fionna exclaims "AND THIS IS FOR YANKING ON MY HEART GUT (I prefer something like "TOYING WIHT MY HEARTS STRINGS!" better no offense)." and slams her to the ground and then Cake buries the Ice Queen into a pile of snow with her magic tiara; though Fionna punched the tiara off of Cake's head and said "No, you might catch her crazy! (thought I would have preferred her to say "careful, you might catch some of her craziness" instead, no offense to some)." Gumball was astounded with Fionna's incredible heroism and says that they should meet up for a date. But Fionna declines his offer and says that the reason why she has all of these guy friends and no boyfriends is because she isn't really interested in dating currently and she knows who she is and she'll be ready when she feels like she's ready (well I think that's what she said, I can't remember all of it). In conclusion, Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake is actually practically the best episode of the series I've ever seen; except for the ending when Fionna suddenly is going all GA-GA over the Ice King plus Cake and Lord Monochromicorn also and fading back into the regular version of Adventure Time, with Finn and Jake frozen in the Ice King's cave forcing to listen to the Ice King's crappy story. If there was a chance to rewrite the ending of Fionna and Cake, I would definitely take the offer in a heartbeat. In fact, I'm going to try my best to rewrite the entire story as a comic book and call it "The Better Ending Story" version, so I need your help by sending as many scenes and pictures of Fionna & Cake as possible (fan art is ok, but I prefer the actual pictures of what happened in the episode and maybe the story board prieview thingy would help please & thx) and I'll premier it on my page, and I will regain Fionna and Cakes dignity; LONG LIVE THE ERA OF FIONNA AND CAKE!!!!!! So support me as much as you can F&C fans. P.S. Their should be more episodes with Fionna and Cake, and I hope they'll be good, they better be or I'll get EDGY! >:(, and I heard that their will be someday, so I'll count the moments. ;) and for a rating scale, I give this episode 4-4 1/2 star rating. And I guess that's it for this entry. See ya guys later!