Chapter 3:

  Marcelines Closet: This episode started at the front yard of Marcelines house when Finn and Jake were coming over to play music with her, but she wasn't home. So they play hide-and-seek (cloud hunt as they called it, probably inspired by the Great Mushroom War :/), but Jake goes inside the house when they weren't allowed inside. Marceline comes home and both Finn and Jake were still inside, so they hide inside her closet. They decided to wait for the right time to sneak out of the closet and the house, but their wasn't a very good time. Most of the time, they were listening to a secret song Marceline wrote from 1000 years of journal entries which sounded both personal, yet somewhat emotional. While the melody was playing, Jake started to get desperate and tried to dig his way out with a small plastic spoon making a tiny hole in the wall (*snort*, lol) then using his powers to grow and shrink, tried to get to the other side of it; but there was a horrid monster coming through the wall, just kidding a creepy dozen eyed spider, and it was really mad for some reason. Lucky for them, Jake used a shoebox lid to shoo it out of the closet; but then the spider climbed onto the bedside table and started pushing a table lamp off the table, breaking it into a bunch of pieces. Marceline heard the crash and floated over (I would have said walked, but you know, vampire powers, go figure |:)P) and was PRETTY angry about it. She turned her attention toward the closet and hissed, which got Finn and Jake scared that she was gonna find them and kill them (metaphorically or literally, dunno; but by the way they think about it, it might be literally. *gulp* >-:)). When Marceline opened the closet,  both of them seemed to have dissapeared, but they were hiding in one of her coats; and she was actually looking for her dust pan and broom in reality. When she closed the closet, F&J actually stayed up inside the coat and watch Marceline try to clean up the mess the spider made. She did pick up the ceramic pieces of the lamp with the broom and dustpan, but she had a hard time with the lampshade ( my rough thoughts: HEY HERE'S A SMART IDEA, PICK IT UP YOURSELF DUDE!\:-/. less rough thoughs: have you thought of picking it up with "YOUR HANDS" YOU'VE GOT TO USE YOUE CRESCÈNT, THINK THINK! The name is Noland. Lol :)P) so she kicked it to the corner in frustration and got dust all over herself while putting the broom away.  What really shocked me the most was when Marceline was taking a shower and Finn was coming out of the closet and checking if she was distracted, BUT FINN SAW HER BUTT NAKED WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!:0 I even thought Finn saw her butt and even her brests!!!!!!!!!!!! They even noticed her not washing her hands after going to the bathroom and they watched her flipping pick HER NOSE Earlier 0 1_1 0 ( holding in some vomit)!!!!!! Though in the end, Marceline saw them try to escape, Finn and Jake confessed that they were playing hide and seek inside her house and saw all of her private things (i don't know if they included the part about the shower stuff, but yeah.), and she understood and didn't kill them and said "I spy on you guys all the time, no biggy.", and later they left her house. Back at the treehouse, Finn was in his bed reading a comic book and he even scratched his butt the ACTUALLY SNIFFED IT AFTER THAT! (GGGRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS MMMAAANN!!!!! ):-(P) and heard a soft hoot of an owl. He thought it sounded like Marceline, so he called Jake over; while Jake was taking a shower. When he pushed the shower curtains (had a kitty Dottie design on it. Lol! :)P) away, he came out with already a towel around his waste (I MEAN WHO DOES THAT ANYHOW! /:\) and put ANOTHER towel around his waste (AGAIN, WHO DOES THAT! \:/)and went to the bedroom. When Jake came in, they both saw each other, they started screaming at the sight of each other in startleness. We then zoom out to outside and up at the top of the house, where Marceline was actually there having a little fun and hooting like an owl like Finn thought; and we close another episode of Adventure Time. Though for it's sincerity: I give this episode a 4 star rating. And that's all for now guys, see ya later.