Chapter 4:

Paper Pete: you might think this episode mostly has a lot to do with a boring old library scheme, but it's about tiny secret paper guardians and little battles against moldy creatures and truces. It all starts at Ooo's biggest library, where Finn and Jake were carrying a giant book called the Rainacornicopia to one of the tables. Jake wanted to read it so he can learn the history of all rainacorns so he can pass on some culture to his part-rainacorn part-dog children in the future (though I don't think it would happen, because I've seen sampler pics of a rani-dog as I call it, and it ain't pretty :/). Finn was bored and tried to get Jake to take the wobbly table the book was placed on to this lost tinker goblin of fog mountain or something; but Jake didn't want anything to do with Finn making up adventures when Finn wasn't making them up and began to ignore him. So Finn decided to just look around the bookshelves for a while to see what's the biz; while he was looking at some that rhyme with kitties and pities and cities and stuff, he noticed some of the books were filthy, ripped apart, and covered in mold (in other words, horribly damaged in another case). He tried to call for some assistance, but all he got were some shushes from turtle princess (dude I would get right over there in a heartbeat and immediately take care of it if I heard that) and Finn said to the books "I will avenge thee, slightly soiled books." (Oo-Kay :/). He decided to go tell jake; but suddenly, some of the books started to shake and move. Finn thought it was someone who was stuck back there, then turtle princess shushed Finn again; and then some pages started rising from some of the books, and Finn called for more assistance and again was shushed (really that was the third time ya royal reptile), then they folded into origami-like figures. Finn asked them who, or what, they are and they called themselves the pagelings, the secret guardians of the books in the library; lead by their fearless leader Paper Pete (you can call him Pete if you want, or better yet, Peepee LOL :)P). they also mentioned that If you notice the blank pages in the beginnings and ends of just about every book, that is actually them, which is weird because I try to takecare of my books and other books lying around, but they haven't cooperated yet I MEAN COME ON MAN >:-/(FYI that is sarcastic hilarity if you don't already know that, :)P LOL). The main reason why they revealed themselves to Finn was because they felt his concern for the damaged books he noticed earlier and wanted his help to fight their greatest enemy, the Moldoes. The reason why the moldos are planning a full-scale assault on all of the books is just because they just want to find something to eat; but those Pagelings aren't gonna allow that to happen to their library; so Finn agrees to help them, though he wanted to tell Jake; so he went to tell Jake about it, but Jake was still ignoring Finn just so he can finish his reading. Finn then decides to take Jakes book so he'll chase after Finn and for Finn to show Jake the Pagelings, but Jake jumped onto Finn and they both knocked the bookshelf a little and then the Pagelings hid inside the books again, then Jake took his book back and angrily stormed  back to his table and continued to read. Finn asked why the Pagelings didn't reveal themselves to Jake and said that they didn't want to reveal themselves to anyone more, well that was mostly because they were "Secret" guardians of the library (emphasis on SECRET people) so Finn tells them that jake is also a powerful giant like himself and can help them battle the Moldos , but first, they need to get his attention and win his favor, so they went to Jakes reading table to do so. when they got there, Jake was blocking his view with Finn so he can continue his read; so Finn told the Pagelings to get on that table and do something to get jakes attention, so they folded themselves into cute little flowers and did a little dance; though Jake was ignoring them and thought it was just Finn speaking in multiple impressions. Then the Pagelings hopped onto Jakes back and Pete thought "by wearing the beast, we shall become like the beast." and they ripped some of Jakes fur off and put it on themselves; sadly Jake still thought it was Finns pinching him. Finn then decided to give up on getting Jake to help and they all return to the bookshelves. when they came back, they found some of the Moldos were eating some of the books, and the Pagelings went to battle, though Finn thought it was as boring as beige (because if you were one of them, it would be exciting. But if your not and watching them, it would be pretty boring), so he just blew away the battle, literally (actually it was more like a yawn. Eh :/), then the three Moldos retreated for now and the Pagelings celebrated their small victory, though Pete mentioned that it was a recatasen squad, ment to test their metal (more like paper, its obvious man) and those squishy-looking little weirdo's bite sting like the dickens. Then Finn got a  plan from that mentioning, but he needed Pete's help to do it; so they went off to follow that recatasen squad of Moldos they fought earlier. They followed them to a certain bookshelf in the corner, where they squish through some of the books.  Finn and Pete walk over and Finn takes out some of the books and find a secret hole behind them, in other words and in Pete's words: "You discovered the Moldos' secret lair!". When they go to the other side, they find themselve inside enemy lines (though I find it too pretty to be evil, I find it a useful background I could use). Sadly Finn shouted a little to see if their was an echo and the Moldoes heard it and Finn and Pete found themselves surrounded in every nook and cranny of the cave. Before they fought, Finn stopped them by giving away Pete as a prisoner, don't worry it's part of his plan. They put poor Pete in a cage made of pencils and rulers, then the Moldos leader, Mildwin, stepped forward (technically he's not the king, he was democratically elected). Finn was acting casually, then he grabbed Mildwin and a handful of the Moldos and broke the cage Pete was trapped in. Finn ran with his load and Pete complimented Finn "well played giant, you have the cunning of Odysseus" *wink wink* (ya ever read the Odessey, it's a cool story that took place in Rome with a lot of  excitement, good fights, romance, suspense, and it also has a happy ending. Kinda like what Jake looks for in a good story) though Finn wanted him to stop acting because they're over that bridge. Finn ran and jumped over tables and bookshelves and was shushed by many people to get to his destination, which was, of corse, Jake. then Finn dumped all the Moldos and Mildwin onto jakes back hoping he wouldn't ignore it, then the Moldos started to eat the fur off of Jake's body and thought it was rather appetizing, they even started biting Jake's skin (wow, PP was right, their bites must really hurt like the dickens, ouch). Poor Jake was made a meal out of a bunch of squishy little weirdos like ticks to a stray dog :.( so Finn decided to hit Jake with a book hoping the Moldos would pop off, but it didn't really work; but one of the Moldos was in Finn's shirt and started nibbling on it, and apparently he thought it it tasted amazing. Finn then had another plan, he took off his shirt (uh a little inappropriate at a library don't ya think fans), though turtle princess saw him do it and just blushed and walked away with her book cart, and he gave it to the Moldos as a peace offering from the Pagelings. Poor Jake still had a couple of Moldos on his eyelids, but that didn't matter; Finn called over Pete, hoping Finn wiped out the Moldo hoard, but instead Finn told him "the war is over." and wanted Mildwin to keep his shirt if the Moldos stop attacking the books; and so he agreed. Jake ripped the two Moldos on his eyelids off (OUCH, that looked like it hurt) and stormed out angrily. We find our heroes leaving the library; Finn was wondering if Jake finished his Rainacorn book, but Jake did nothing but read the same paragraph on the same page over and over again for 11 minutes (BTW is how long an episode of Adventure Time usually lasts) and he decided to give up on learning about Rainacorn history, and told Finn not to tell Lady, his Rainacorn girlfriend (well you already know i guess fans) and just make it up. Finn decided to go help some "sun people" on the sun, Jake asked if Finn was making it up, and Finn apparently was making it up, but Jake decides to go along and just go crazy and our heroes run to the sun like theres no tomorrow. And that's where our story ends. You know, this little episode has a lesson into it, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOOKS OR THE PAGELINGS WILL COME AFTER YOU! BTW, if anyone knows this answer, "who has heard of the teddybear joke book?" please write it in the coments below. Well as for the rating, I give this unusual but extremely baneinei episode a 4 and 1/2 star rating, and in the words of Jake, who didn't help Finn at all, blahblahbleeplablop; or I would just say bye for now I guess. :)P