Chapter 6:

Ghost princess: this little episode has a small combo of romance, good cop bad cop situation, suspense, and a happy ending; kind of what Jake looks for in a good story, LOL :)P. It all starts in the woods where Finn and Jake are having a little camp fire having hot dogs. Finn offers Jake some softy cheese to put on his dog, but Jake was a little disgusted about it for some reason. Finn was wondering why he's disliking it like that because he actually use to love softy cheese. Jake didn't really want to tell Finn why he doesn't like it lately so they just ate their dogs in peace; but then they herd a strange howl coming deep from inside the woods. It was just ghost princess though, but she was acting strange, haunting Finn and Jake because she was doomed to haunt this mortal plane, but until she figures out how she died, her soul is stuck and she wont be able to ascend to the 50th world of the deceased (50th dead world in some cases or, in my perspective, heaven. The land of joy and the lords love of all ;-) eh you decide). And since she's a ghost,  she has no memory of her mortal life, and doesn't remember how she died. Finn thought it would be a fun crime case and Jake said that they dont know if she was murdered (muider in a New Yorker accent in his case /:\, you decide) So they help her out. We now join our heroes at the cemetery ghost princess was buried in (hamburger hills cemetery, OK WHO THE HECK COMES UP WITH THESE KINDS OF NAME I MEAN REALLY! /:/), they then find the princesses tombstone (or tomb-crystal in ones case, you decide), engraving the word female engraved on it (they usually do inscriptions like that in military/army graves showing the deceased body's gender) with a tiara inside it; Finn then decides to Jake to interrogate the neighbors, good-cop bad-cop style, though Finn called bad-cop. Finn tries to wake up a nearby ghost grave and some bigheaded ghost came out, though he was a total jerk insulting complaining about ghost princess and being just plain rude (man if possible I could reanimate this jerk and kill him again >:(P ), but suddenly, a chip or cheese puff (eh dunno, you decide) was thrown at that bigheaded ghost, it was a ghost with antlers and a jacket-vest on named Clarence. That odd yet cool gentle-ghost said "a princess deserves empathy, not your sass!" at the bigheaded one and threw another chip/puff at him. Ghost princess was astounded by him and gasped in aw, even if hat jerk told him to but out, Clarence continued his poetic words "some of us still want to feel ya know,  the vital (swallows a snack) magnetism of life, (ghost princess jaw dropped and eyes wide and sparkling with passion) the vibrating energies that connect all living and non-living beings" (wow this guy is smoother than silk and sweet as honey, if only I could have the courage to talk to a guy I kinda like) the rude ghost didn't like his words, so he went back to sleep (and he even ate the snack, ok um uh weird). Ghost princess introduced herself to Clarence and asked if they've met before since she felt like she had, but he answered that she doesn't feel like they had but he was doing his usual smoothness and said that he's honored to be close to her ( AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW! how sweet (:-)). Finn got his bad-cop suspicion on and asked if Clarence knew about ghost princess' murder, but he didn't know anything about it and said "I can't imagine anyone who would harm someone as beautiful as this." and he kisses ghost princess' hand (again, AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW! This guy has such a charm in romance, where did he learn to be so romantic, let me know because I wanna know). Jake did point out how smooth he was, then Clarence thought the bros could look over yonder (yea I would think nobody says yonder anymore but I dunno :/) where the neer-do-well ghosts hang out,  and so Finn and Jake set for the chase of the afterlives while Clarence and ghost princess eat cheese puffs and then go on a little "date" (aaaaaahhhhhhh! [fozzie bear style] /:) [you can't tell but I'm raising and lowering my eyebrows]). when Finn and Jake arrived, they tho Ught the place was pretty messed up (and Jake wanted to be bad-cop though Finn wanted to stay bad-cop, oh well), then they find their first accusation named some Donkus (I would have recommended a scratch out of the first name for a more dramatic effect), then Finn went all bad-cop style on the dead body in the Donkus grave (BTW did you notice in Donkus' grave was snail-wave next to his head [I just call the snail snail-wave mostly because he appears in a lot of AT episodes and he wave hello to the audience a lot, I just think it's so cute :3 :D[and how is that even possible? O-o, eh whatevs']), after some slapping Finn told Jake to pull him back and Finn decides to turn this "game" upside-down. We now go to another scene of a theater where Clarence and ghost princess are on a little "date" (ooooo lucky gal you GP, lucky gal (:-)), the happy couple were talking about how they don't know how they died either and how sweetles they both feel; they then go on and see a performance of an afterlife-time (*snort* ya get it, instead of lifetime, LOL I know stupid) with a group called Spirit-waves; of corse Clarence said his romance sweet talk again saying "more beautiful than I imagined." GP asked if he was talking about spirit wave, but his answer was "I'm talking about you, princess." ( again AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a boyfriend (:-) [ok i may not have the authority or anything like that, but I'm naming this guy the most romantic guy in the country or sweet-heart of the year, eh you decide]). we now once again join Finn and Jake on their interrogation mission, Finn was still bad-copping it up by hitting something with a stick to get the ghosts to respond to him, he was just making a wreck out of the graves, while Jake was finding some cool stuff from the graves and stashing it (hey I do something like that almost all the time, find something that's cool looking or interesting and take it, so if I do, sue me). Finn continues on with his reckless trashing, but then he was interrupted by three neer-do-well ghosts that were so angry at them for trashing their spots; (yeah the main reason why they weren't home was because they were at the Spirit-wave concert GP and Clarence were at earlier. then they got mad and tried to kill the two, but Clarence stopes them; they decided not to kill them because Clarence did that thing for them that one time which I have no idea what was; they seeped back into the ground, and Jake thanked him for the save; Finn apologized to GP fir not solving the case yet, but she called off the investigation, mostly because she no longer feels tormented anymore now that she's with Clarence, the couple even felt like they already know each other, like their spirits are intwined in the cosmic wheel of time (in the words of clarence, there is a reason i named him that what i said earlier), and so the couple went to clarences private mausoleum  so they could be "private" (how redundant, eh). The boys left the graveyard, poor finn wanted to crack the case, though Jake looked at the bright side of it that they looted some of the graves treasured back there, Finn was disappointed at Jake because he was suppose to be good-cop and has him put the treasures back in the graves; but when he dusted off the broken knife from Donkus' grave, it was engraved "RENCE" on it's busted blade. Then Finn realized something, he had some flashbacks of the investigation, then  he proclaimed "WE GOTRA DIG UP THE PRINCESS!". Then they are found at GP's grave sight; when they find her dead body inside the coffin, Finn pulled a small piece of a knife out of her chest, the put together the two blades which spelled out the name "CLARENCE" they realized Clarence was actually some Donkus and who killed ghost princess (DONDONDOOOOONN!!!!! :O dramatic music and cheek slapping gaps [then I said "CHECK PLEASE" I like saying that line a lot, it's funny]). Our sight is now drawn to Clarence's mausoleum, where he and GP were just about to kiss, until Finn and Jake barged in telling her the whole truth; then she started to remember.  Long ago, a horrid war broke out. For the rule of one kingdom. One side was lead by none other than Clarence and the other side was lead by the beautiful warrior princess who was ghosts princesses real name before she was killed ( I also have to admit that she was quite beautiful before death. : /: )). They were also in love even before their deceasing, ironic ain't it; awkward : /. The war began with both sides against each other, Clarence demanding his true love relinquish her kingdom to him, but in warrior princess' words: "Never, not even to you my love!" so the two armies charged into battle along with Clarence and warrior princess. Unfortunately, Clarence had his knife out and stabbed his sweet heart in the chest or stomach and killing her; he brakes into tears as he held his true loves dead carcass ( that does put a lot of tragedy into this story doesn't it folks, even I was crying a little it was so sad. (:.- ( *sniff*). Clarence was shocked that he killed the girl of his dreams, but ghost princess forgave him for his murder and tried to take him with her to the 50th dead world (again I say heaven, and again potato potahto); unfortunately Clarence's soul was still stuck because he still didn't know how he died, then he said "my life is like a fart." then Jake thought it sounded familiar, then he realized that he knew Clarence from the sqeezy-mart, the Clarence started to remember. How Clarence died was quite weird; He was a broken man at that cheese market binging over his loss, feeling sorry for himself, and saying "MY LIFE IS LIKE A FART!!!!!" repetitively (oddly everyone knows what it means, but in case if you don't know, a fart is suppose to stink, so it's another way of saying his life stinks( or sucks in some cases. :-/ )) and apparently Jake was there when it happened. Clarence actually committed suicide by drinking so much cheese sauce from the big jug, he exploded in a huge pile of cheese in a snap, so thats how he died and Finn learned why Jake doesn't like that squirt-able cheese stuff that much, go figure :-)P LOL!!!! So Clarence ascended to his true love and they kissed each other when they went into their white envelopment (once again AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),then the mausoleum started to shake and crack, then the entire place practically blew-up, and the lovers rose up to the night sky as Finn and Jake waved their good-byes to them, and as they ascended into the air kissing, they disappeared in a burst of fireworks like explosion (heh talk about love kaboom lol :)P) into the 50th world of the deceased the world of gods love and happiness). We now Join Finn and Jake back at there campfire, where Jake tries to conquer his sick feeling toward softy cheese, and he did; then we end the episode with Jake burping, and that's the sign that the tank is full :)P (Garfield classic LOL). Well as for the rating of this episode, I give it about 4 2/3 stars. Thank you and good day, or good night in some cases. :)P