Chapter 2:

Holly Jolly Secrets: This particular episode was the first Adventure time Christmas special that will be forever recorded in history. It all started like any average day in the land of Ooo, Finn and Jake were out in the field digging for treasure, and found a tannish colored briefcase full of old-school video tapes (which is wierd cause nobody uses those old things anymore) Jake found lying around; but in reality, Finn saw these tapes first. When he saw them, he was watching that ignoramus the Ice King bury them at an abandoned trash dump in a pile of nose goo, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GGGGGRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the words of duck from almost naked animals: "this goo tastes like shrimp :E|), calling them evil tapes and ect. A second after that, both Finn and Jake decide to watch the tapes by themselves on Beemo back at their tree house to see what evil secrets they think are on them, though to make sure they were by themselves Jake put up some posters saying stuff about the secret tapes and only him, Finn, and Beemo are only invited; which I didn't think would help at all because it was WAY too obvious and would attract WAY too much attention, and I was right, HA! Ice King saw one of those posters while he was playing a classic arrow apple thing with one of the penguins (though apparently he misfired and froze the poor penguin into a thick block of ice, poor little guy (:.-( )  Nd decided to go to the treehouse with some peace offerings, basically a mini pine tree and a skunk with a christmas bow on its neck. A while earlier, Finn & Jake sit in front of Beemo, having holiday snacks (fruit cake, cookies, honey glazed ham, you name it) and watched carefully at the videos to see what evil secrets it had, but it was just the Ice Kings video diary (*snort* Good Luck Charlie reference lol :)P) full o that weirdoes goofy old activities and stuff (basically a few hours of him crying, singing, putting on plays of what will never go on Broadway or better yet EVER HAPPEN, dancing, exercising which is just a huge lie because he never uses this dumbbells in the corner because I think he is one in fact, and doing other stupid stuff). When Finn and Jake herd Ice King come a'knocking, they tried to stay as quiet as possible, but Beemo's alarm went off saying it's time for Finn's bath (which seemed pretty embarrassing if I had an alarm like that) so Ice King herd the alarm and know that the three were home and started trying everything to get in that house to watch the tapes, lucky for the guys he doesn't know the tapes are his video diary. Sadly, Finn and Jake couldn't figure out the secret behind the tapes when there is no secret, just stupid stuff; so they called princess bubblegum to see if she could decode the so-called codes on the tapes; but Ice King cut them off before they could ask her, tapped into their phone lines, and pretended to be PB (how cleeshai  IK how cleeshay indeed )-:()to find out what they were watching; luckily for them, they found out instantly and hung up immediately. Ice King started started to get p*** off and shouted "LET'S SEE YOU ENJOY WATCHING THOSE TAPES, WITH FROZEN EYEBALLS!" or something then used his ice magic to bury the treehouse in snow, then Jake started to scream and it faded out. Well this is a 2-part special, so we join Jake once again still screaming, but then he started singing the classic tune "alluete" (*sigh* good times), and Finn said "I guess you do know all the words." and continued to watch Ice King's tapes. While they did so, Ice King continued to bury the treehouse in a pile of snow; while that was happening, finn and Jake started to notice it was getting cold in the room, so they put on some very big and Christmasy sweaters, even Beemo which is weird. Ice King noticed and decided to fiond a way to get Beemo to look his way, so he raised his index finger and pointed it at Beemo and recited the following: "oh dark haggle-grip foul and putrid servants, who dwells in the nether-pit! Then add sour cream." just kidding" he said "by the power of ice, may your cocoa spill over." and it spilled of corse frozen as a block of ice. Beemo turned to pick up his cup (ironic that he drinks cocoa because he's just a talking game consul, GO FIGURE :)P lol). As he turned, Ice King tried to make out what Beemo had on his screen; and he DID find out the videos were his video diary tapes. He stomped away from the treehouse in a seething fury and started building an army of snowmen to attack Finn and Jake, and maybe Beemo, correction, AND Beemo. Back at the house, Beemo thinks he cracked a code from Ice Kings crying; he theorized that both teardrops fall at the same time and rate, but every 13th tear, 2 tears fall at one tear duct; he then says the 13th letter of the alphabet is M, and every time Ice King says an M word, they would get something interesting; apparently when Beemo printed out something, it turned out to be a typee pic of a penguin and by the sight of it, Finn crumpled it up and says "GAH! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" (I can't believe they don't see that it looks like a penguin, wow they're not too bright :|). back outside, Ice King finished his army of snowmen and was giving a speech to them about getting his tapes back and beating up Finn and Jake, "and maybe Beemo. . . Ok yeah even Beemo!" and of corse he didn't realize that he didn't animate them yet. So he did and they approached the treehouse and started attacking it. When Finn, Jake, and Beemo herd the noise outside, they went up to the bedroom and hid under the main bed to watch the rest of the tapes. After a while, Ice King finally broke into the treehouse through the chimney (hint hint) and called his snowmen inside, pulled out a locket with a picture of Finn and Jake (stacker much) and they were sent off to search. Ice King decided to change out of his dress (tunic, lol night at the museum battle of the smithsonian reference :)P lol) and use the red table cloth where all that food went to waste (EVEN THE HONEY-GLAZED HAM YOU JERK >:() and used it as a toga (toga party! :)P) (hint hint). While the snowmen were searching, they found F&J's ice box and were very fascinated with the ice cubes inside, though there staring seshion when Ice King shooed them away in a fury. Then Ice King found a snowman looking in a fruit bowl, and when the snowman looked up, he had an apple where his nose in the middle of it's face. Ice King was astounded from the sight of it and said something like "Ooo look at your nose shining so brought; your so unique; I'll name you red nose (hint hint) and make you leader of the pack!" (throws his arms upend knocks off the snowman) "well now you look boring and the same. (what a let down for that poor snowman (:() if you want it done right do it yourself." then he suers the apple on to his nose (hint hint). Back under Finn's bed, the guys were about finished with the tapes, until the snowmen found them and attacked them instantly. They were easily defeated by Finn & Jake (no contest people, the good guys always wins!), then Beemo plays the very last tape of the collection and watching that entry, I learned that the Ice King use to be A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!! And a genius in fact!!!!!!!! His name use to be Simon Petrikov and he had a fiancé named Betty, but ever since he bought that magic crown from Scandinavian dock worker, his life was  forever changed. I've planed out a theory about how the crown that made the man who is now the Ice King himself came to be.   I call this very theory "The Spark of Inner Insanity Theory". Many thousands of millennium ago, a great king ruled throughout a far off land. He was great friends with a great wizard and asked this wizard a huge favor; to make him a special crown. He agreed to the favor and made the crown. When he was making the final touches to the crown by adding the special magic to it, something went wrong. A rogue wizard, a rival, or a feeble minded apprentice jinxed the crown on it or sabotaged the spell and created "The Spark of Inner Insanity". When the great king put the crown on, the spark took over his strong mind and the king went insane and became corrupted. It was all up to the powerful wizard to stop his good friend from spreading his iron fist throughout the world. He did stop the mad king indeed and his arch enemy, or feeble minded apprentice, or rogue wizard; then he put a specific curse on the crown for whoever wears it, will be given "The Spark of Inner Insanity" and the powers of the ice and snow and hid it away supposedly never to be seen again. And that was my "Spark of Inner Insanity Theory" or hypothesis in some cases. It might be a hypothesis, but this event might have happened in that show.  Thought at the end of the episode, in Shelby's words: "and so it was decided, that once every year, when the weather got chilly, Finn, Jake, the Ice King, Beemo, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the vampire queen, the candy cane guy, Lady Rainacorn, Lumpy Space Princess, a snow golem (I added a character I created to replace the snow golem in my mind), another snow golem (I added snail wave as I call it to replace the other snow golem in my mind again), one of the gumdrop girls, the punch bowl, the old royal tart tote, a boggier, and Gunter (I think that's everyone:/) would gather around  in really big holiday sweaters and watch videos on the floor next to a fire to celebrate the time Finn and Jake were nice to the biggest wierdo (you say wierdo, I say freak face|:/) in Ooo. It was a miracle, good night." then fades out.  To this episode I give it a 4 1/2 star rating. And thats it for today, Peace out home dog! LOL