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Day 2, World Has Ended

Klaw man December 22, 2012 User blog:Klaw man


December 21,2012

Thw World has come to an end, the zombies Are everywhere. But I managed to survive but I cant stop this feeling... that they are gonna be back. This may be my last letter before i die and I would like to say some goodbye`s before i die, first to si----

December 22, 2012

I found this note in a house and its only half. Everything is wrecked over here in this city and I dont know what to do i can`t find any signs of life and i cant find the other half of the note. im scared and alone and some how I`m the only one alive and I don`t know what to do and when they are going to get me. But for now, I`m alive.

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