• KnightPommegranite

    Under the recomendation of a helpful member of the Community Central staff, I want to make this blog as a disscution of the events of today.

    Now there are a few things that you should know going into this disscution,

    One being that I have lung cancer, and am going to die soon.

    Two that me and FlamePrincess the B-crat, are at odds for a varitey of reasons.

    Today in chat, there was a bit of a hostile disscution about the leadership of our chat. That being who our admins, b-crats, and founder, are.

    This was sparked by the demoting of Finn Awesome as mod.

    After which I stated "That's it, im mkaing it my goal in the next few months before I die, ima make this wikia a better place."

    Now our founder Tavisource, instead of showing concern for my welfare …

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  • KnightPommegranite

    KP for Pope!

    June 13, 2013 by KnightPommegranite

    This is a cause that Ive been thinking about for a while! I should be pope, this is true because, I am a athiest therefore there will be no hate between thiest's and athiest's if i order it to stop, I agree with gay/lesbian marrage and same sex couples, there would be so much less chaos and hatred with me as your pope, so plese, give me your support and leave a comment!

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